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New #utahtheatre review for SILENT SKY at @Hale_Theatre in Sandy!

New #utahtheatre review for THE SOUND OF MUSIC at High Valley Arts in Midway!

New #utahtheatre review by @rachel_reviews for THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL at @SCERAupdate in Orem!

New #utahtheatre review by @Theatre_Critics member @Russwarne for #Shakespeare's KING LEAR at @UtahShakespeare!

New #utahtheatre review by @Theatre_Critics member @Russwarne for THE SOUND OF MUSIC at @UtahShakespeare in Cedar City!

Time for the last play of the week at @UtahShakespeare: #Shakespeare's KING LEAR!

Look for the review later on @UtahTheatreBlog!

New #utahtheatre review by @Theatre_Critics member @Russwarne for SWEENEY TODD at @UtahShakespeare in Cedar City!

The Warne theatre reviewing crew is ready for THE SOUND OF MUSIC at @UtahShakespeare! Look for the review later on @UtahTheatreBlog!

New #utahtheatre review by @Theatre_Critics member @Russwarne for CLUE, directed by @Hunter_Foster at @UtahShakespeare in Cedar City!

I'm ready for show #4 at @UtahShakespeare: the 1978 #Sondheim classic SWEENEY TODD.

As always, look for the review later on @UtahTheatreBlog!

I'm in my seat with my gorgeous wife for show #3 at @UtahShakespeare: CLUE. Look for the review later on @UtahTheatreBlog!

My second review for of the week explores #Shakespeare's ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL. @UtahShakespeare's production is a dreary affair that fails to solve the scripts biggest problems.

My first of 6 reviews for @UtahShakespeare has published on @UtahTheatreBlog. I raved about TROUBLE IN MIND because of its nuanced directing, stellar acting, and fully developed characters.

New #utahtheatre review by @Theatre_Critics member @Russwarne for #Shakespeare's ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL at @UtahShakespeare in Cedar City!

New #utahtheatre review by @Theatre_Critics member @Russwarne for TROUBLE IN MIND at @UtahShakespeare in Cedar City.

I'm ready for show #2 in my @UtahShakespeare visit: #Shakespeare's ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL.

Look for the #utahtheatre review later on @UtahTheatreBlog!

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SimonFest Theatre Co. @SimonFestCo

Simon Fest Player of the Day – Heather Oram http://simonfest.co/2022/06/21/simon-fest-player-of-the-day-heather-oram/

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