President: Maren Swensen

Maren Swensen, UTBA President

Maren Swensen has a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology, a couple of masters degrees, and is a therapist at a private practice. She is also a college level professor. She is currently actively working on certifications as a Registered Drama Therapist and Registered Creative Arts Therapist. She has two daughters, four stepkids, and two wonderful cats. She has been married to her fantastic husband since 2018. She has been a part of UTBA since 2011 and is also a member of the American Theatre Critics Association. She can be contacted at

Vice President: Scott Savage

Scott Savage holds and MFA from the University of Central Florida in Theatre with a focus in Theatre for Young Audiences. He also received a BA in Theatre Arts Education from BYU. He is a secondary theatre teacher in Salt Lake City working with a culturally and linguistically diverse Title 1 school in Salt Lake City. His students and co-workers are incredible and make every day an adventure. Scott is a husband and father to a group of ferocious Savages and takes joy in laughing with his kids. He is a rabid sports fan for teams from his Northern California roots, and enjoys board games and card games. Scott is grateful for the opportunity to serve UTBA as Vice President and to connect with incredible theatre makers throughout the state. He is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association and host of @PodcastTYA. Readers may contact him at

Secretary: Danica Francom

Danica Francom graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Biology, with minors in Chemistry, and Psychology. She spent many years working as a genetic analyst before becoming a stay at home mom to four busy kids. She is currently the owner of a sewing school and sewing alterations company.  She grew up singing with many choirs including the International Children’s Choir and performing in theatrical productions. She is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of UTBA and get to support the amazing Utah theatre community. Readers may contact her at

Development Officer: Justin Ferrell

With over ten years of non-profit fundraising, Justin Ferrell has UTBA’s development officer since 2017. His UTBA duties are all related to fundraising and donor relations. Readers may contact him at

Legal Officer: Mark Naugle

Mark Naugle, UTBA Legal Officer

Since graduating from law school in 2009, Mark has been advocating for the underprivileged and disenfranchised as an immigration attorney.  He has practiced in Washington State, California, and Utah.  He has represented more than 15,000 clients across the globe. Mark speaks fluent Spanish.  He is a supporter of local arts in Salt Lake City, including the Utah Opera. Mark’s UTBA duties are related to legal issues, including maintaining nonprofit status for the organization. Readers may contact him at

Technical Officer: Position vacant


Member-at-Large: Alissa Frazier

Alissa Frazier is an Accountant by day holding both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Accounting.  While crunching numbers is her career, her passions include art, theatre, and literature. Alissa enjoys hiking, Utah Utes football, trying new restaurants, and talking endlessly about the latest book, play, or artist that has caught her attention.  Alissa has enjoyed being a part of UTBA since 2019 and is appreciative of the vibrant and varied theatre scene we are offered here in Utah.  She is excited to join the board and looks forward to feeding her passion for live theatre and hopes to aid in bringing that passion to others.  After all, “the object of art is to give life a shape.”  Readers may contact her at