OGDEN Broadway on the Side’s revue production of “The Greatest Show in Concert” celebrates the joy of singing and performing in an intimate cabaret style revue. Directed by Megan Worthen Nelson the evening was filled with favorite songs all in attendance seemed to enjoy; many even sang along. With most of the songs coming from films like The Greatest Showman, Dear Evan Hansen, and Trolls, the company tipped their top hats just like a ringmaster in a salute to Pasek and Paul as some of the best modern musical composers.

With a small cast of eight members, the production showcased each performer throughout the night in full cast songs, solos and small group numbers. Starting off the evening with ‘The Greatest Show’ the cast performed with top hats and black tie apparel. Brian Sears captured the center stage as he sang Hugh Jackman’s solo lines of ‘the Greatest Show.’ The cast sang with beautiful harmony together at the end of the opening song as their eyes shone with the thrill of performing.

Nelson not only was the director, choreographer, and the musical director for the show but also performed throughout the show in many numbers. Sears and Nelson were both able to keep up to the fast pace and quick lyrics of ‘The Other Side’. As the actresses played charaters striking a deal,  playful banter and bargaining was fun to watch.

Nelson also composed and performed an original song entitled “4/24 (More)”. This original song had a swing and a charm to it that was easy to catch onto. Unfortunately Nelson lost her voice as the night went on and struggled hitting the high notes but it was clear that this talented singer had more to give if she could.

One of my favorite songs from the evening was ‘So Big/So Small’ from Dear Evan Hansen performed by Brittany Roring. Sung with clear precision and dynamics, Roring was able to deliver the song with heartfelt emotion and truth. I have seen Dear Evan Hansen performed professionally and I felt that Roring did an outstanding job with that number, even in a small community theatre.

Oscar Gonzales-Mejia was another great singer of note who performed an engaging number with ‘My Petersburg’. His smile and charisma were delightful and a pleasure to watch. The lighting lit up the stage, brightening the mood as Gonzales-Mejia stood on the top of the steps at the climax of the song. Although this may have been an unintended effect from the lighting not working at the first of the show, the timing had a wonderful impact.

Lighting Designer Val Seiler created some simple yet moving effects. One moment of note was the closing number, ‘You Will Be Found’ which shone bright spotlights on the solo singers contrasted with a dark blue background. Performed in the Broadway on the Side Studio, the simple stage was set with minimal steps and stools. The white wall backdrop fit with the minimalistic set however a simple circus backdrop or a stage curtain backdrop could elevate the stage to have a feeling of more depth and richness.

Bella Branson sang beautifully in her rendition of ‘Tightrope’. This heartfelt and tender song was filled with emotion and sweetness. Thankfully Branson’s microphone was working during this solo number as it went out later in the performance yet Branson carried on bravely and professionally until she was able to get it fixed.

Joining the cast were three young actresses, Aurora Eads, Josephine Rogers, and Alexandria Sakach-Enochs. Their bright singing brought a youthfulness and energy that could be seen in their eyes as a love of performing. The impact of being able to perform on stage for a live audience filled with family and friends can be so powerful and fulfilling for kids. Their performance shows the importance of supporting the arts and availability for youth to be able to be apart of a wonderful community theatre program.

I am looking forward to seeing the growth of Broadway on the Side as the company dreams of one day building a fine arts center in Weber County. As more actors and members of the community learn about them, they will definitely grow into a gathering place for many performers and artists. This company may just be starting out, but it has a bright future in show business “From Now On”.

THE GREATEST SHOW at Broadway on the Side (454 North 325 East, Ogden) runs through June 1, 2024. For more information on the company and upcoming shows please visit broadwayontheside.org .