What a great month!  We hope you’ll excuse the little vacation we took over the holiday break.  We saw some great shows (and hopefully you did too!)


  • We’re 10 months old! (We’re hoping to introduce some big changes when we hit the big 1 year mark.)
  • Tip for publicists for plays:  Every review we post is featured on our main page for at least one day.  During its time as a featured show, an image related to the show is the largest graphic on our home page, and it’s that production’s time to shine.  The best photos are high resolution images that effectively convey the feel and visual style of the production.  Poorer images are often logos, posters, rehearsal photos, or images with a large number of people in them.  We also prefer photos that are either the approximate shape (595 x 292 px) of our featured image space or can easily be cropped to fit it.  (See examples of good images.)  Remember that these photos may be the only visual impression of your show that our readers see before they buy a ticket!
  • Many of our registered readers took advantage of the 2-for-1 promotional code for The Color Purple that they receive from UTBA.  Register for exclusive news from UTBA, theatrical promotions, and contests for free tickets and other stage goodies!
  • Traffic is slightly down for November, mostly because we had very few reviews in the second half of the month (Thanksgiving!).  We expect an increase in traffic in December and January.


  • 2,667 unique visitors (19.6% decrease)
  • 4,095 visits (11.1% decrease)
    • Visitors were from 49 states, 67 foreign countries, and the District of Colombia.
    • 2,511 (61.3%) were from people in Utah.
      • 865 from Salt Lake City (34.4% of Utah visits)
      • 461 from Orem (18.4%)
      • 411 from Provo (16.4%)
      • 244 from Midvale (9.7%)
      • 75 from Sandy (3.0%)
      • California, Texas, New York, and Illinois combined to represent 15.0% of visits.
    • 7,540 pageviews (8.9% decrease)
    • 1.84 pages per visit (2.5% increase)
    • Average visit length is 1 minute, 44 seconds (13.6% increase)
    • 57.2% of visitors were new visitors to UTBA
    • 12.0% of visitors have visited UTBA more than 50 times since the site started.

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