Halloween has come and gone and now it’s time to take a look at how we fared in October!  We think you’ll be pleased:


  • The events calendar seems to be a great success.  Thank you to SpinGo for partnering with us.  If you’re submitting an event, don’t forget to also request a UTBA reviewer for your show.
  • You may have noticed that there’s an “audition” category for events on the calendar.  We invite all directors and producers to submit their audition listings to the calendar, too.
  • As you may have seen in October, we’re looking to expand the number of reviewers.  Although we are looking for reviewers from all parts of Utah, we’re especially interested in people who would be willing to review productions in Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber counties.
  • The number of registered readers is growing.  If you are interested in receiving news of discounted tickets, contests, and reviews, please sign up.
  • UTBA continues to grow.  Almost every readership statistic increased during October 2010.  We believe that UTBA is a great place to advertise your production.  In addition to web advertisements, we can also host contests for ticket giveaways (which the Grand Theatre did this month), inform our readers of special offers, or partner with you for a special event.  Other options are always possible.


  • 3,318 unique visitors (20.3% increase)
  • 4,605 visits (13.3% increase)
    • Visitors were from all 50 states, 64 foreign countries, and the District of Colombia.
    • 2,790 (60.6%) were from people in Utah.
      • 1,020 from Salt Lake City (36.6% of Utah visits)
      • 456 from Orem (16.3%)
      • 291 from Provo (10.4%)
      • 253 from Midvale (9.1%)
      • 79 from Sandy (2.8%)
    • California, Texas, New York, and Colorado combined to represent 17.5% of visits.
  • 8,275 pageviews (9.5% increase)
  • 1.80 pages per visit (3.3% decrease)
  • Average visit length is 1 minute, 31 seconds (9.8% decrease)
  • 63.5% of visitors were new visitors to UTBA
  • 12.3% of visitors have visited UTBA more than 50 times since the site started.

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