June usually is a quiet month for Utah theatre. The professional houses are wrapping up their season and the amateur groups and arts councils haven’t opened their summer productions yet. But UTBA is still here year round to give the latest reviews about the productions that opened in the Beehive State.


  • The biggest change on the web site recently is the addition of our Rewards program. Linked, to your Facebook account, the Rewards program is run by PunchTab. By visiting the web site, you earn 100 points. Commenting on a review earns another 100. Earn enough points, and PunchTab will give you gift cards to amazon.com, Target, and Groupon.  We’ll also run special giveaways via this new feature on the site.
  • Last week we finished our annual visit to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. We did some interviews and collected material for other content that we’ll release in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, you should check out the reviews that we’ve posted so far.
  • Our base of readers who access the site through mobile devices as been steadily growing. We already have a mobile version of the site available, but let’s just say we’re exploring options to better address this part of our readership.
  • Have a show coming up? You can drum up publicity for free by putting your show on the calendar, requesting a reviewer, using the #UTBA hashtag in tweets, and by posting on our Facebook wall. We also have options for people who wish to advertise on the web site.
  • We’re looking for new reviewers, especially in Weber, Davis, Iron, and Washington counties. Please look at the requirements for reviewers and apply either on that page or by sending an email to dave (at) utahtheatrebloggers (dot) com.


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