As a new feature, we’re integrating our monthly statistics with web site announcements.  Our aim with this change is to keep all readers abreast with UTBA developments and also provide a space where readers can give general site feedback.


  • Several theaters and companies have submitted their entire 2010-2011 season for reviews.  This helps us plan in advance for busy times of the year and helps us ensure that every production has a reviewer.  If you’re in charge of public relations or advertising for a company, please submit your entire season as soon as possible.  If that isn’t feasible, please request reviewers for your productions as early as possible.
  • We’re programming the next incarnation of UTBA with some exciting new features.  If you have any ideas to help us better meet the needs of patrons, reviewers, and theaters, please email our founder at dave(at)utahtheatrebloggers(dot)com.
  • We’re compiling a list of Utah theatre blogs.  Please email us or comment below is you follow or write one.  We don’t want to miss anyone.
  • We hit 500 Facebook fans on August 28th! Thanks to everyone who is following us through social networking sites.
  • Speaking of social media, our push to use the hashtag #utba had been successful.  During August we saw tweets about The 39 Steps, The Lion King, sam i was, and other productions.  Keep using the hashtag and let us know what shows you’re seeing!
  • The best part about the #utba hashtag is that it’s not just for audience members.  Theaters (like the West Valley Hale and Mortal Fools) have used it to make public announcements.  It’s also available for actors, directors, producers, and other behind-the-scenes folks.
  • While most numbers are lower than last month’s, this is mostly due to last July’s surge in viewers with the Utah Shakespearean Festival.  Overall, we’ve maintained steady growth since the site began in January.
  • UTBA is still a great venue to advertise your production or theater.  UTBA readers are a healthy mix of patrons, many of whom peruse the reviews to help them decide which productions to see.  Consider letting them know about your show in advance through advertising on UTBA.



  • 2,732 unique visitors (13.8% decrease)
  • 3,950 visits (23.4% decrease)
    • Visitors were from 48 states and 54 foreign countries.
    • 2,595 (65.7%) were from people in Utah.
      • 935 from Salt Lake City (36.0% of Utah visits)
      • 329 from Orem (12.7%)
      • 314 from Midvale (12.1%)
      • 231 from Provo (8.9%)
      • 77 from West Jordan (3.0%)
  • California, Texas, New York, and Colorado combined to represent 14.1% of visits.
  • 7,544 pageviews (25.7% decrease)
  • 1.91 pages per visit (3.0% decrease)
  • Average visit length is 1 minute, 42 seconds (21.3% decrease)
  • 62.1% of visitors were new visitors to UTBA
  • 12.7% of visitors have visited UTBA more than 50 times since the site started.

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