February was another strong month for UTBA.  Although most of our stats are slightly down compared to last month, this is mostly because there were fewer days in February than January.  We’re still a growing media outlet that is looking for new ways to serve the local theatrical community.  But our success is thanks to our readers, local theatres, our reviewers, and other volunteers.  We can’t do this without you!


  • The theater community town hall at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center on February 21st was a huge success.  We had representatives from over 30 theatre groups.  Producers, board members, directors, actors, educators, and others attended as we discussed a little bit of marketing, publicity, technology, collaboration, and more.  The Salt Lake Tribune published a nice article about the meeting that you can read here.  Thank you to Jerry Rapier and Ellen Fagg Weist for moderating the discussion, and thanks to Plan-B Theatre Company for hosting.  We are working towards a second meeting in the next 4-6 weeks.
  • The links to local theatre groups are back on the site (on the right hand side of the page).  If we’re missing a group, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.
  • If you’re involved with a production, we encourage you to submit it to the event calendar (which also submits your show to the calendars of dozens of other web sites). You can also submit audition notices to the calendar.
  • Don’t forget to request a reviewer to attend your production!  It’s never to early to ask us to attend.
  • We now have our 600th Facebook fan.  Thanks for liking us!
  • Cool thing about living in the 21st century: Using the #UTBA hashtag on Twitter makes your tweet display on our web site and shows you who’s talking about Utah theatre.  It’s sometimes interesting to see the interaction between patrons, reviewers, students, theaters, and directors plays out.
  • Every review is read by at least three people before being posted to the web site.  But sometimes errors creep in anyway.  If you spot one, please email our assistant editor and it will be corrected as quickly as possible.


  • 2,898 unique visitors (6.3% decrease)
  • 4,270 visits (6.3% decrease)
    • Visitors were from all 50 states, 62 foreign countries, and the District of Colombia.
    • 2,590 (60.7%) were from people in Utah.
      • 999 from Salt Lake City (38.6% of Utah visits)
      • 360 from Provo (13.9%)
      • 322 from Midvale (12.5%)
      • 242 from Orem (12.4%)
      • 107 from Sandy (4.1%)
    • California, Texas, New York, and Colorado combined to represent 14.8% of visits.
  • 7,335 pageviews (9.0% decrease)
  • 1.72 pages per visit (2.9% decrease)
  • Average visit length is 1 minute, 25 seconds (6.6% decrease)
  • 59.4% of visitors were new visitors to UTBA
  • 14.0% of visitors have visited UTBA more than 50 times since the site started.

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