June was a kind month to us.  The beginning of the month saw a lot of productions opening in the state.  (At one point we even reviewed 9 shows in 9 days!)  We also expanded to southern Utah, which provided us with new readers in a different part of the state.  These facts—and others below—make UTBA an attractive venue to advertise your production or theatrical business. June gave us—by far—our highest number of visitors yet (2,014, which is up an astonishing 52.3%) and our highest number of web site visits (3,286—up 37.6%).  Average time spent on the UTBA web site is approximately the same—2 minutes and 21 seconds.

The most popular reviews for June are I Am Jane at the Grand Theatre, Tuacahn’s production of Tarzan, Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet, the Spotlight Productions’s Jane Eyre, and the Egyptian Theatre Company’s production of Hair.  What an interesting mix of shows!  Shakespeare, three musicals, a historical drama, and two shows outside of our traditional readership strongholds of Salt Lake and Utah counties.

In June, 69.4% of our visits came from people in Utah, which is lower than before.  The other states in the top 5 were California, Texas, New York, and Colorado, which combined provided 12.8% of visits.  In total, we received visits from 45 states, the District of Columbia, and 46 foreign countries during June.  June was interesting for two reasons: This is the first time that California had more visits than any other state outside of Utah.  Also, UTBA has now had visitors from all 50 states!

Consistent with past months, Salt Lake City has provided us with the most visits from within Utah to the web site (32.9%), with Orem (19.1%), Provo (11.6%), Midvale (8.8%), and Springville (4.6%), also in the top 5.  These were the same five cities that gave us the most visitors for the previous four months, too.  The real news about Utah site visits is that Los Angeles was #6 on the list and that St. George was #10.

Because of the large number of first time visitors (thanks to reviews of productions like Tarzan and Cats), the proportion of first-time visitors (53.4%) is the highest it’s been since our February(!).  We like bringing in new readers and hope that they stay as faithful as our old readers (14.6% of unique visitors in June have visited the site 50 times or more).