It’s a new year, and already 2011 has treated UTBA pretty well.  In addition to the site’s birthday, January also gave us our second best month ever for web site traffic.  We hope you’ll join us for the rest of the year and beyond as we encourage the development of all types of theatre in the state.


  • UTBA turned 1 year old on January 29th!  In that time we’ve posted 200+ reviews from dozens of reviewers.  As part of our birthday celebrations, we had an informal get-together for reviewers in Salt Lake City.  Many of the reviewers were meeting each other for the first time in person.  More importantly, we talked about UTBA’s future and the future of the performing arts in Utah.
  • As part of our mission for fostering the conversation about theater in Utah, we’ve announced a new project for 2011. We are partnering up with arts organizations to develop a series of panel discussions and forums regarding successes and challenges Utah theatre groups face. We secretly announced the first of these meetings last Saturday and 50% of the tickets are now reserved.  For more information, visit
  • We’ve made some changes to UTBA policies, as reflected in the new FAQs.  The most relevant change concerns reproducing UTBA material in press releases, posters, blog posts, etc.  In short, we permit usage of quotes up to 60 words long as long as you credit the author and the web site.  You may not use more than 150 words in any material.  If you wish to use more or to use an entire review, please contact us to make arrangements.
  • Every review is read by at least three people before being posted to the web site.  But sometimes errors creep in anyway.  If you spot one, please email our assistant editor and it will be corrected as quickly as possible.


  • 3,129 unique visitors (23.82% increase)
  • 4,556 visits (25.54% increase)
    • Visitors were from 49 states, 72 foreign countries, and the District of Colombia.
    • 2,809 (61.7%) were from people in Utah.
      • 878 from Salt Lake City (31.3% of Utah visits)
      • 459 from Provo (16.3%)
      • 350 from Orem (12.5%)
      • 340 from Midvale (12.1%)
      • 94 from Layton (3.3%)
    • California, Texas, New York, and Colorado combined to represent 14.3% of visits.
  • 8,060 pageviews (31.1% increase)
  • 1.77 pages per visit (4.4% increase)
  • Average visit length is 1 minute, 31 seconds (14.8% increase)
  • 61.5% of visitors were new visitors to UTBA
  • 14.0% of visitors have visited UTBA more than 50 times since the site started.

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