It feels like we’ve been “social distancing” for 24,601 days. “Friends” isn’t on Netflix anymore, the toilet paper is gone, and to top it all off, we had an earthquake last week. And to make matters worse, theaters around the world are going dark, cut off from the audiences and revenue that keep them afloat. 

In the seemingly bleak times, a few theater companies in Utah have decided that the curtain call happens when they say it happens. 

This is not their final bow. 

Keeping within the suggested guidelines of 10 people or less, Hale Center Theater Orem (HCTO) had five days to create and set up “Daddy Long Legs” to be streamed online. 

Design pieces added on top of the “Matilda The Musical” set create a simple setting for the two person performance. A lone table and two chairs sit where Matilda would read her books; all showing how minimalistic the set and play need to be. 

The team at HCTO is bringing a nice, refreshing piece of art to the monotonous shows that are constantly reproduced throughout the streaming sites. 

David Smith as Jervis Pendleton.

David Smith, a full time employee of HCTO, said of this endeavor, “We’re very pleased with the response.” Smith is starring as Jervis Pendleton, one of the two characters in the play. “It’s tough because there’s nothing like live theater and filming already takes a different approach to it.”

Even in the hype of streaming a show, they are still trying to stay safe given the circumstances. “We make sure we keep an open dialogue about how everyone is feeling,” he said. “People are taking really good precautions before they come in to make sure they stay healthy and when we’re here, we’re keeping distance.” 

Other theatre companies in Utah are joining in the streaming services, such as the Ziegfeld Theater streaming their most recent production of “Newsies” (with the inclusion of ASL). An Other Theater Company and Plan-B Theatre Company are other companies that have streaming possibilities.

HCTO is grateful for the response of the community coming together to support the arts. “Our whole livelihood is based off of people, and then something like this happens where you are forcing people away, there’s no work anymore. It’s tough,” Smith said. “There’s something special about seeing those people in the community who are working hard towards something to give back to the people.”

For $10 a ticket, you can stream “Daddy Long Legs” from the comfort of your couch, sit down with a box of fresh cookies delivered to your door, and live your best life. 


 HCTO’s Daddy Long Legs streams on weekends from March 27 to April 5. You can by $10 tickets here.

Ziegfeld’s Newsies streams until April 5. The stream can be found here.

Plan-B Theatre Company can be found here.

An Other Theater Company can be found here.

For more information, view a recent post here.