September is just around the corner, which means just one thing:

Back to school sales.

I mean, who isn’t happy when paper, pens, and all those great essentials can be scored for a fraction of a price?  Or that the opportunity is ripe for someone like Tom Hanks to send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils?*

But I digress.

More importantly, September also means that we are about to embark on a brand new theatre season.  As I’ve been looking at the season announcements, trying to get a feel for the theatrical offerings that are ahead of us in this new season, I’ve been struck by something: there is a LOT of theatre going on in the state of Utah.  Even with my newness to the area, and the fact that I don’t yet know all the regional houses, the community theatres, the universities, and the art councils, not to mention touring productions and theatre for young audiences, I can’t help but be struck by the sheer number of productions that are happening.  The UTBA calendar is filling up quickly, and its clear that a dedicated theatre patron could attend a different show every week.   Sometimes more than one.

Now, I realize that most of us won’t see a show a week (though if you do, I want to hear from you because, frankly, you’re awesome).  Which means that most of us are scanning the brochures and websites in the effort to determine which shows we want to see, and what we think will be worth the price of a ticket. I know that the UTBA reviewers are waiting for shows to be scheduled so that they can pounce upon the one they’ve been looking forward to since the different theatres started announcing their seasons. (I’m very happy to report that I got the show I wanted.)

Which leaves me curious.  What are the shows the people are most excited about? Do you have a top 3? 5? 10? Let me know in the comment section below. What show, where it’s playing, and why you’re looking forward to it.  Let’s see what Utah is excited to see this season…

*That great romantic idea is from You’ve Got Mail.