Warboy Theatre Projects has intriguing play with THE BOX

Show closes July 13, 2013.

PROVO — What is the box? Who am I? Do I exist? What lies outside the box? These are all questions posed in The Box, a new play written by Christian Swenson and directed by Chase Ramsey. The Box, a thoughtful and extremely short comedy, is a philosophical look at two men who explore communication and […]

All-male THE TAMING OF THE SHREW is a delight

The Taming of the Shrew  - Grassroots Shakespeare Company

OREM — I’ve said before that I’ll never pass up a chance to see a Grassroots Shakespeare Company show, and my enthusiasm only grew stronger after seeing their production of The Taming of the Shrew Monday night. GSC’s productions are staged under conditions as similar to Shakespeare’s time as the company can muster, which generally means […]

THE SEA HORSE at Westminster is an exciting experiment

The Sea Horse - Westminster College

SALT LAKE CITY — Academic theatre can be tough.  Collegiate stages across the country struggle to find shows to please their audiences while considering their gender-imbalanced pool of actors and just the right ratio of more recent works to those from the classical canon for every season.  Meanwhile, there’s a whole world of magic the public […]

GONE MISSING and THE CLEVEREST THIEF explore universal themes

A woman (Amber Richardson) tells the story of her losing her hearing and of finding joy in being a mother.

PROVO — It’s always refreshing for me when I get to walk into a show that I know nothing about and just go along for the ride. BYU’s The Cleverest Thief and selections from Gone Missing was one of those experiences, and although it loses momentum as the piece progresses, I found myself drawn in to […]

BYU Experimental Theater’s 24-Hour Project is Well Worth Seeing!


PROVO — A year ago, I reviewed BYU Experimental Theater’s 24-hour Project and vowed I wouldn’t miss another. But I missed last fall’s. (They have one each semester, I think.) So when I got the chance to go again tonight for Winter term’s, I was very pleased. What this project is: writers, directors, and actors […]

24-Hour Project impresses

PROVO — Five hilarious plays were performed last Saturday night for BYU’s Experimental Theater Company’s 24-Hour Theatre Project. I didn’t really know what to expect and wondered that since it was “experimental theater,” if I’d need to dress up in black clothes, wear a beret, and say “groovy” all the time, like the Beatniks from […]

“Go To Hell” Offers An Appropriately Infernal Theatrical Trip

SALT LAKE CITY — In the director’s note in the GO TO HELL program, writer-director Jeremey Catterton says, “I remember the day I got the call from [producer] Dave Fetzer. He said, it’d be Christmas time, but… [this] was to be more of an alternative to everything else being produced in SLC at the same […]

“Mammal Stories” is experimental theatre at its finest

SUGAR HOUSE — Experimental theatre in Salt Lake and Utah counties is generally an extremely rare occurrence. There is a “mainstream theatre” niche that the general population seems to have bought into exclusively. However, to my very pleasant surprise, I discovered The Sugar Space. The Sugar Space is an unassuming, self-proclaimed “hole-in-the-wall” performance space in Sugarhouse, […]