This MAMA is Complex and Real

SALT LAKE CITY — Plan-B Theatre Company’s production of MAMA directed by Jerry Rapier asks the question “How do you define a mother?” Of course there is no one correct answer to this question. The playwright Carleton Bluford is interested in exploring the complexities of motherhood. The stories that are told in MAMA range from […]

[TITLE OF SHOW] is theatre of the people, by the people, for the people

SUGARHOUSE — Jeff and Hunter have committed to submitting something original to the New York Theatre Festival, but they have only three weeks and no great ideas. Together, they decide to just write about the things that happen while they are trying to write for the festival. No matter what, they will submit whatever they’ve managed to […]

WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE is heartfelt, but heavy handed

SALT LAKE CITY — I believe that good theatre can change the world. I also believe that all theatre provides something to be learned from. Pygmalion’s The Women of Lockerbie aims to do both as it the aftermath of a terrorist attack. I didn’t know about Pan American Flight 103 until I read about the show. […]

Fighting words at Plan-B’s NOTHING PERSONAL

SALT LAKE CITY — Heavy metal music blasts overhead while Susan paces the floor in soft circles. The music is cut by the occasional ringing of alarms pulsing. Susan stops, covers her ears, and waits. The heavy metal starts again and she continues to pace. Eric Samuelsen’s Nothing Personal premieres at Plan-B Theatre Company this […]

LADY DAY hits strong, bittersweet note

SALT LAKE CITY — When I think of Billie Holiday, I think of black and white album covers, gardenias, and her incredibly distinctive and often imitated voice.  Pygmalion Productions’s Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill presents Holiday in full color and shows the very real and complicated woman behind that iconic voice.  Lanie Robertson’s […]

A Night at Emerson’s Bar and Grill with Lady Day

SALT LAKE CITY — “Lonely grief is hounding me, like the lonely shadow hounding me. It’s always there just out of sight, like a fragile tree on a lightening night.”  Haunting lyrics from a haunted soul. Billie Holiday, otherwise known as Lady Day, lived a tragic yet significant life.  She is credited with being a seminal […]