Script, set, and old ladies are strengths in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE

Arsenic and Old Lace - CenterPoint

CENTERVILLE — Arsenic and Old Lace is one of those classic shows that has witty and crisp dialogue, a funny and outrageous plot, and can get the audience rooting for the unexpected mass murders until the very end.  It’s hard to go wrong with a script with as much potential as Joseph Kesselring‘s Arsenic.  There’s […]

NOISES OFF is well . . .You know

Centerpoint - Noises Off - Featured Image

Centerville — If you’ve seen Noises Off (either the film or or the stage version), then you know of Gary, one of the classic comedic characters in theater. He tends to stutter through life and ends many of his statements with an uncertain “you know.”  Noises Off, currently playing at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, is full of […]

THE FOREIGNER not a stranger to comedy


MIDVALE — “How does one acquire a personality?” a boring Brit, Charlie Baker, asks in the opening scene of The Sugar Factory Playhouse’s production of The Foreigner.  Well, it’s a question that I don’t think was ever answered (unless the answer is to lie to everyone around you and just pretend to be a different […]

‘See How They Run’ delivers a welcome blast of comedy

MIDVALE — Although ousted from the Sugar Factory Theater just three days before opening night, the cast bounces back and gives an impressive performance in See How They Run. The actors pull through with surprising ease, and ironically enough, the situation only adds to the humor of an already hilarious show.