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Love Letters: See the show or read the book?

SALT LAKE CITY – Love Letters has become a tradition at the SLCC Grand Theatre (and in many other places) around Valentine’s Day. It’s a story of two friends/lovers and the letters they have exchanged throughout their lives. The script is fascinating, and I would have loved to read it, at home in my pajamas. Sadly, though, I sat through two hours of someone else reading it to me. I left the “play” perplexed as to why this was ever put on a stage. Perhaps because not everyone reads; it’s possible that this play was produced for those non-readers, who would only hear the story if they could pay $25 and bring a date. Maybe?

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Don’t miss a poignant, funny, and heartbreaking world premiere of A DISTINCT SOCIETY from January 27 through February 11. Tickets available at http://PioneerTheatre.org. 📷: BW Prod.
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