We’re looking for reviewers right now in Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties.  Yes, we’re openly recruiting people to enlist in the UTBA “army” of play reviewers.  In other words, “UTBA wants YOU!”

The UTBA is growing quickly.  But some areas of our growth are more robust than others.  We’ve kept up well with the demand for reviewers, but still we sometimes struggle to review all the shows that request our presence.

Just like the U.S. Army, we are looking for more people, but we do have some qualifications for new recruits.  You must be at least 18 years old, be able to produce a review promptly, and have an engaging and interesting writing style.  Theatrical or critical training is not required (although it is preferred).

During the process of reviewing productions for UTBA,  reviewers also are asked to introduce themselves to the theater staff, take notes on the show, and talk with audience members.  UTBA reviewers are asked to produce a review quickly after the show is complete–preferably the same night so that the production is still fresh in their memory.  Reviewers are never alone in the process, however.  UTBA administrators preview all reviews and give suggestions on how they can strengthen the final product.

If you become a UTBA reviewer, we will attempt to match you with productions that best suit your expertise, tastes, and schedule.  (If you’re not the sort of person who wants to see Reefer Madness or Power in His Touch, we won’t ask you to.)  UTBA reviewers receive free tickets to the productions they review, but no other reimbursement; they must pay their own travel expenses.  Also, UTBA reviewers are not permitted to review productions for theaters that they work for or theatre educational programs of which they are a student.  We also do not permit reviewers to be a critic for a show with which they have a strong tie to (such as being the playwright, having a family member in the production, or another conflict of interest).

So, if you’re in Davis or Weber counties, become a recruit in the UTBA army.  You might not see the world, but you will see a lot of excellent productions in Northern Utah.  You’ll also help the theatrical community by providing thoughtful criticism and letting them know about events in your part of the state.

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