Author: Megan Crivello

Chills and trills: Plan-B playwright Eric Samuelsen on his influences, process, and THE KREUTZER SONATA

The almost 15-year artistic relationship between Plan-B Theatre Company and Eric Samuelsen has created a truly remarkable canon of work exemplifying Plan-B’s mission to foster unique work from local playwrights. Seven of the eighty-three world premiere productions from the company have been full plays by Samuelsen, who has also contributed pieces to eight SLAM! productions, the Script-in-Hand Series, and most recently the 2015 Rose Exposed event with a play entitled Dreamers. The 2013/14 season was called “The Season of Eric” and brought audiences the  diverse productions 3, Clearing Bombs, Nothing Personal, and RADIO HOUR: Fairyana in addition to previous notable productions Amerigo,  Miasma,...

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Father of the BRIDE: Christopher Clark on breathing life into Sackerson’s BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

Named for a bear-baiting champion animal immortalized in Shakespeare’s  The Merry Wives of Windsor and paraphrasing  visionary director Peter Brook on their website with the statement “theatre: holy, rough, immediate”, Sackerson is a new theatre company grounded in history yet focused on innovation. It’s the product of the collaboration between Alex Ungerman (co-founder and former artistic director of Grassroots Shakespeare Company), Daniel Whiting (production technical director for the UVU theatre department and current Grassroots Shakespeare artistic director), and Dave Mortensen (founding editor of Utah Theatre Bloggers and theatre producer). Sackerson had a successful debut at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival with Poppy’s in the...

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Fringe offering STRANGERS, LOVERS, FAMILY, FRIENDS energetically treads familiar ground

SALT LAKE CITY – The Great Salt Lake Fringe festival is an event meant to showcase performances of new and experimental works that might not otherwise be seen. The four-day festival will have seen over one hundred live performances from local individual artists and up and coming producing companies. One of these is Company of Cohorts, a new group composed of young artists working as an ensemble with the mission of  “encouraging original and unique theatrical pieces.” Company of Cohorts’s entry in the Fringe is Strangers, Lovers, Family, Friends, a collection of four one acts intended to explore the definitive relationships...

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POPPY’S IN THE SAND is unexpected treasure at the Fringe

SALT LAKE CITY — What would you do if a traumatic event from your childhood continually haunted you? How would you cope being your own unreliable narrator? These are just two heady questions posed by Morag Shepherd’s Poppy’s in the Sand presented by Sackerson as part of the inaugural Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival. Keele is a young woman with a complicated yet dependent relationship with the sea. She feels claustrophobic and short of breath too far inland but fears what the sea can take away if you get too close. Keele lost her sister to the sea. Or was she...

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Say “Hello” to hilarious satire and surprising depth in THE BOOK OF MORMON

SALT LAKE CITY— Snark, bite, vulgarity, profanity, jaw-dropping irreverence,  and extreme characterizations are all aspects fans might recognize from Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s iconic South Park series. These are not necessarily characteristics that one would expect from an award winning and popular Broadway musical, yet these all abound in the highly anticipated and boundary pushing The Book of Mormon presented by Broadway Across America. With songs from Robert Lopez (Avenue Q, Frozen), Parker and Stone’s “nothing is sacred” satirical style mixes so effectively with the traditional form of the American musical that it almost reinvents itself. I didn’t know much...

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