Post Titles

  • LENGTH: Titles should not be longer than 50 characters
    • The title of the show (or part of the title)
    • The producing company (or an abbreviation)
    • Something clever, yet informative. Informative trumps clever.
    • The title of the show should be in ALL CAPS

Post Content

  • Start with the City in ALL CAPS followed by an em dash
    • SALT LAKE CITY — start of review
    • OREM — start of review
  • Referencing the Show Title
    • Italics with Standard Caps in the body of the review. NO QUOTES.
    • Bold and Italics with Standard Caps in the info section at the bottom of the review.
  • Song Titles
    • Song titles should be displayed in Standard Caps in “quotes”


  • Inside or Outside of Quotes?
    • As a rule, punctuation goes inside the quotes UNLESS doing so changes the meaning of what is inside the quotation marks.
    • EXAMPLE:
      • Was the song entitled “It’s A Boy”? (GOOD)
      • Was the song entitled “It’s A Boy?” (BAD)