The highest classification of UTBA members are UTBA staff. UTBA staff members are people who dedicate their time to provide organizational support for UTBA. As a reward for their extra work and effort, UTBA staff members can request productions to review up to 3 months in advance. Currently, the staff members are (in descending order of authority):

  • Dave Mortensen, UTBA Founder. As founder, Dave has total authority and final say in decisions and procedures related to UTBA. No one has authority to act on behalf of UTBA without the permission of Dave. Dave also has authority to reprimand and/or discipline UTBA members, monitor comments on the site or its social networking portals, and control the image and voice of UTBA.
  • Russell Warne, Managing Editor. Russell’s duties as managing editor include supervising editing of online content, supervising the social media efforts of UTBA, scheduling productions for Utah County and southern Utah, and managing applications for new reviewers. Under Dave’s direction, Russell can also act on behalf of UTBA.
  • Amber Peck, UTBA Scheduler. As the main UTBA scheduler, Amber is the principal liaison between UTBA and theaters in most of the state. Amber principally schedules productions for Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Summit counties, but also in other parts of the state. Amber, along with Russell, also periodically contacts UTBA members to ask them to review scheduled productions.
  • Paige Guthrie, Social Media Manager. Paige is in charge of social media outreach for UTBA.
  • Christian Cragun, Special Events Manager. Christian works with Dave to organize and manage giveaways and other events that UTBA hosts.