In their theatrical endeavors, UTBA members should be ideal examples of theatre etiquette. At a production, UTBA members should:

  • Dress professionally (business casual is usually best).
  • Not call attention to themselves. (UTBA members are encouraged to speak with theatre staff and other audience members about the web site. However, they should not become the center of attention for the audience and should not draw attention to their status as a reviewer in front of a large group of people.)
  • Not talk to others about their opinions about the show.
  • Stay for the entire show.
  • Never accept more than 2 complimentary tickets to a show that they are reviewing for UTBA.

Online on both the UTBA site and other online venues, UTBA members are to be polite and cordial to readers and other UTBA members. Personal attacks are always forbidden. Members should be aware that UTBA encompasses a variety of personal, political, artistic, and religious views; these should be treated with respect. Members are free to disagree with each other about theatre, but they should refrain from being disagreeable.

UTBA reviewers or guest bloggers are only permitted to present themselves as official representatives of UTBA at the plays that they are assigned to review. If a reviewer or guest blogger wishes to attend an event, they should get approval from Dave before attending as an official representative of UTBA.

Finally, UTBA members should be aware that their behavior towards other members of the theatre community should always be professional—even when not officially acting on behalf of UTBA. Some UTBA members have reported that some members of the theatre community treat them as reviewers, even when the member is not acting on behalf of UTBA (such as at an audition, a rehearsal, or just while watching a show as a regular patron). Because of this, unprofessional or inappropriate member behavior in any capacity at any time may warrant consequences.