If it comes to staff members’ attention that a UTBA member has violated any rule in these policies, there will be consequences. For minor infractions, a staff member will contact the UTBA member and inform him or her of the infraction. This is often sufficient to correct the UTBA member’s behavior. More serious infractions and/or repeated infractions will have more severe penalties, which may include demotion, being temporarily banned from reviewing productions for UTBA, losing the privilege to attend certain types of productions (e.g., at Equity theaters), and more. Consequences will be in proportion to the seriousness of the infraction(s) and will be chosen at Dave’s discretion. Consequences may be administered by another UTBA staff member for convenience’s sake.

Under very serious circumstances, UTBA members may be asked to leave the organization. Dave will always inform the UTBA member of their new status and why they will no longer be part of UTBA. Because all UTBA members have made valuable contributions to the site, the reasons for a member’s departure will never be publicly revealed to non-staff members or the public.