Affiliation with other media outlets and websites

Some UTBA members are affiliated with other theatre web sites and media outlets. This is perfectly acceptable as long as Dave knows which other site(s) you are affiliated with. Members affiliated with other sites should be aware of the following guidelines:

  • UTBA members may not publish the same content on UTBA and another web site or media outlet. Any reviews or other content written for UTBA may be quoted on another web site, but that quote must follow guidelines established for quotes.
  • UTBA members may not use complimentary tickets awarded by or through UTBA to produce significant (defined as > 100 words) content for another web site or media outlet.
  • UTBA members may not state or imply that content on other sites or in other media outlets is sponsored or endorsed by UTBA.
  • UTBA members may not use their affiliation with UTBA to advance their status or position within another theatrical organization without Dave’s express consent. In other words, UTBA members may not justify use their their membership in UTBA to join or advance themselves within another theatrical organization of any type.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use proprietary information belonging to UTBA when working with other organizations or media outlets—including their own personal web site or blog. UTBA proprietary information is defined as any information related to UTBA that is not known by the general public. This includes:
    • The review schedule
    • Names and contact information of UTBA members
    • Information (including contact information) concerning people and theatres with which UTBA arranges reviews, free tickets, giveaways, etc.
    • These UTBA policies and other guidelines
    • UTBA guidelines and standards for reviews
    • Information about UTBA operations and organizational structure
    • Technical information related to the UTBA web site (including computer code)
    • Login names and passwords for UTBA-related accounts on other web sites
    • Emails, social media messages, and other communication about UTBA that occurs in a private internet setting (including the UTBA Facebook group)
    • Structure of UTBA or operating procedures
    • The UTBA ticket pseudonyms
    • Any other information that Dave declares is proprietary
  • Members are strictly forbidden from writing any reviews of productions in Utah (including touring productions) for any other web site or media outlet while affiliated with UTBA and for six months afterward.
  • Members may write reviews on their own personal blog if the text below is displayed prominently at the beginning of the review:
    • The following review is my own personal viewpoint, and is not endorsed, affiliated, or sponsored by Utah Theater Bloggers Association (UTBA), of which I am a member. I am fully responsible for the content of this review. I was financially responsible for my ticket to the production. My official reviews for UTBA can be found at
  • Members may not write any non-review material about topics related to Utah theatre for any other web sites or media outlets that are aimed at a Utah audience without informing UTBA administration. If the member hopes to produce material written for a national media outlet (such as Playbill, a professional theatre journal, etc.), it is a common courtesy to inform Dave or Russell to ensure that the member’s actions do not conflict with UTBA policies or initiatives.
  • Members are permitted to mention their affiliation with UTBA on other web sites.

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