Author: David Mortensen

TWELVE ANGRY MEN proves an almost perfect case

SALT LAKE CITY — Pioneer Theatre Company has always set a high standard of performance in Utah. Twelve Angry Men has certainly been the highlight of my theatre season this year. Beautifully staged by director John Going, this meaty play nearly sets the mark for perfection in combining script, actor and designer.

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An emailed introduction to the UTBA

I’ve been hard at work this past few days contacting productions across Utah in order to send our reviewers. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I think that’s because there’s a need in Utah for a resource of consistent theatrical press coverage. Granted, the large companies will get reviewed by the papers. That’s a given. But what about the newest community show that hasn’t yet established their audience?

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Hale makes an ‘Earnest’ attempt

WEST VALLEY CITY — I’ll begin this review by stating that I’ve never liked “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde. I hated the play when I first read it and I couldn’t believe so many people loved it. The odds were against me so I figured it must be a show you have to see in order to enjoy. So with that I jumped at the opportunity to see this classic at the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley.

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‘And…Go! Improv’ is getting started in SLC

MURRAY — It was Saturday night and I had a date set, but no idea what to do for the date. I figured we could wing it. No need to have set plans. We could just enjoy the city and figure out something to do on the fly. So, when I got to her apartment we popped open the laptop and made a roundabout search to

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‘Tartuffe’ merges contemporary with classic

PROVO — This is perhaps the only time I jumped at the chance to see a piece of French neoclassic comedy. Some months ago I heard the director would be bringing influences from Tim Burton and Cirque de Soleil and I knew my ticket needed to be for the first public preview with my seat in the first few rows.

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