UTBA Awards SummaryEquity | Non-Equity

The UTBA Awards are evolving in response to a search by Utah patrons for a way to honor local theatre talent. The UTBA Committee will consist of men and women with varying backgrounds in theatre, but united by an active interest and concern. They come to the committee with an academic background in theatre, significant professional experience, a history of theatre involvement, and/or years of consistent theatre attendance in Utah. A volunteer, non-profit organization, The UTBA Committee does not have specific terms for its members. However, members must meet specific judging standards and can vote on the final ballot each season only if they have met their responsibilities for that complete year.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the UTBA, please email membership@utahtheatrebloggers.com.

NOTE: UTBA will continue to attend and review productions that are not eligible for the UTBA Awards.