Worth the drive for Pickleville’s SEVEN BRIDES

Show closes September 7, 2013.

GARDEN CITY — I’ve heard many good things about the shows produced each summer at the Pickleville Playhouse on the shores of Bear Lake, but had never had the opportunity (or excuse) to make the long winding drive through the canyons to go see one. I’m sorry I waited so long.  Had I known what a […]

JUANITO BANDITO RIDES AGAIN–and steals the comic gold

Show closes September 7, 2013.

GARDEN CITY – Pickleville Playhouse in Garden City, Utah, is a true hidden gem.  For 36 years they have been presenting melodramas and musicals every summer on the shores of Bear Lake.  While this may be a bit of a drive from Salt Lake City, let me assure readers that it is well worth the […]


Show closes September 8, 2012.

GARDEN CITY — “Well, What were you expecting?!?!” – This opening line in The Hanging of El Bandito – Reimagined at Pickleville Playhouse was indicative of what the entire night would be.  Because the show contains so many powerful elements, that there are only two expectations I would recommend for audience members: to be truly entertained […]

The Neato and Sweeto JUANITO BANDITO

Photo from "Who Shot Juanito Bandito"

SALT LAKE CITY–To all those fans who begged and pleaded with Pickleville Playhouse to bring their production to Salt Lake City, I thank you.  I had the great pleasure of seeing Who Shot Juanito Bandito, a Cache County original, 10 minutes from my house, downtown at the Rose Wagner Theater.  I hope they continue to visit […]

12.25 is a merry little family show

Pickleville - 12.25 - Featured Image

LOGAN — We had never heard of Pickleville Playhouse until we were given the opportunity to do our first review for UTBA. It was extremely exciting to be seeing a show and stressful to know we had to review it. 12.25 A Merry Musical Comedy is about a widower with two children who wants to […]