A Christmas Carol: For the Child in You

CEDAR CITY — For many people, Cedar City, Utah, is nothing more that just a stop on I-15 on the way to another larger destination, such as Las Vegas or Salt Lake City.  But for some, it is a community of approximately 25,000 – 30,000 people with opportunities to view or participate in world-class theater […]

Pericles is an entrancing adventure

CEDAR CITY — The Adventures of Pericles, as presented by the Utah Shakespearean Festival, directed by Kathleen F. Conlin, was a bold undertaking of a decidedly controversial piece of Shakespeare. Despite the possible criticism the company could have faced, they not only took the project on full throttle, but managed to present a fantastic rendition […]

“Greater Tuna” isn’t all that great

CEDAR CITY – The comedic relief provided by this fall’s Utah Shakespearean Festival production of Greater Tuna, directed by Brian Vaughn, offered an interesting yet offensive, look at the life of 20 small town Texans, who are walking stereotypes for the Deep South. Set in Greater Tuna, the third smallest town in Texas, each of […]

Utah Shakes Explores “Anne Frank”

CEDAR CITY – Utah Shakespearean Festival’s preview of The Diary of Anne Frank, adapted by Wendy Kesselman, directed by James Edmondson, brought alive the tale of a young girl in hiding during the Holocaust, and the tribulations that residing in such close quarters, would bring upon eight people who are living each day in fear […]

“Merchant” of Venice Strikes a Balance

CEDAR CITY — I was nervous as I entered the Adams Memorial Shakespearean Theatre for the Utah Shakespearean Festival’s production of The Merchant of Venice.  Like the more lighthearted The Taming of the Shrew, The Merchant of Venice has become somewhat controversial in its portrayal of members of an oppressed group.  I was also aware […]

World Premiere is 12 Years in the Making

CEDAR CITY — Audience members who attend the world premiere of Great Expectations: A New Musical likely are unaware that the production they are seeing has taken over a decade to reach the stage.  Twelve years ago, Margaret Hoorneman was a retired high school English teacher in Iowa who had “tired of the usual retirement […]

Pride and Prejudice leaps from page to stage

CEDAR CITY — I’m a huge Jane Austen fan, having read all her books a few times and seen every popular film adaptation. I love her wit and humor. I love the romance and social commentary. I love the magic her words bring to everyday occurrences (well, “everyday,” by 19th century British standards). So I […]

“Macbeth” Thrills are Nonstop

CEDAR CITY — Before diving into this production, I must admit that Macbeth is my favorite Shakespeare play.  It was the first one I read and it converted me to the Bard for life.  Over ten years later, I’m still enthralled by this text and its story of assassinations, madness, and the supernatural.  Therefore, I […]

Shakespearean Festival Offers More Than Just Plays

If you’ve never been to the Utah Shakespearean Festival, you may not be aware of the many activities that the Festival has to offer.  During our time in Cedar City, we sampled some of these activities and also learned what we could about others that weren’t available during our visit.

Actors, Director Live Up to “Great Expectations”

CEDAR CITY — The Randall L. Jones Theater was buzzing with excitement on the afternoon of July 9, 2010.  A new musical was having its world premiere.  History was being made.  If the show were a success, then hundreds of lucky patrons would be able to tell all their friends and relatives that they were […]