JOYFUL NOISE more pleasant and subdued than joyful

PROVO — The year is 1741, and George Frederic Handel is in a slump. His recent operas have received a mixed or negative response from the London public. And the volatile mixture of Handel’s wounded artistic vanity and heavy drinking have made his recent failings seem like less of a slump and more of a […]

Script sings in JOYFUL NOISE

PROVO — One of the greatest Christmas traditions in the English speaking world is to attend an attendance of The Messiah, George Frederick Handel’s most famous oratorio. What most attendees don’t realize, though, is that the London premiere of The Messiah was performed amidst great opposition and controversy. Playwright Tim Slover‘s Joyful Noise tells the […]

Covey Center brings high adventure in THE THREE MUSKETEERS

PROVO — Despite their strong grounding in French history and culture, Alexandre Dumas’s writing is beloved throughout the world. Stories like The Count of Monte Cristo and The Man in the Iron Mask have been read and reread by millions. But Dumas’s most famous tale is probably that of The Three Musketeers. Like many of […]

The Plan: 6 Stories of Faith and Choices

PROVO — In The Plan, a new play written and directed by Eric Samuelsen, we are taken on a journey into the lives of real people of the Old Testament and explore what it means to be a human. The Plan takes six stories of couples from the Old Testament and interweaves the biblical version […]