Fall “sincerely in love” with Pioneer Theatre’s THE MUSIC MAN

SALT LAKE CITY — The Music Man has become so entrenched in American culture since its premiere in 1957 that reviewing it is like reviewing the Liberty Bell or Yellowstone National Park. This show is a treasure, especially with the hard work of the cast and crew at Pioneer Theatre Company. Central to any production of The Music Man is […]

Bluffdale’s THE MUSIC MAN is flawed, but fun

BLUFFDALE – Meredith Willson’s The Music Man may hold the distinction of being the first musical I’ve ever seen on stage. While I still remember a lot of things from my original experience, I haven’t seen the show in over 20 years. So when I saw that the Bluffdale Arts Advisory Board was producing the […]

Empress pulls off THE MUSIC MAN without any trouble

MAGNA — Meredith Willson‘s The Music Man is one of the most beloved of all American musicals.  I personally think it’s one of the top five greatest.  It has been a hit since it first opened in 1957 on Broadway with Robert Preston as the unflappable con man Harold Hill and Barbara Cook as prim […]

MUSIC MAN brings community to Syracuse

SYRACUSE — The Music Man, by Meredith Wilson, is an iconic piece of musical theater.   I never lived a world without The Music Man.  The video was a staple in my home, and when I was five years old my entire family was in a church production of the play.  The songs are as familiar […]

You really ought to give "The Music Man" a try

CEDAR CITY — The Music Man is a staple of the American theatre. Debuting on Broadway 54 years ago, this beloved show has been produced thousands of times, been incarnated on film (in 1962) and TV (in 2003), and revived on Broadway twice (in 1980 and 2000). As part of the 50th season of the […]

Flight of the Conman

CENTERVILLE — The Music Man put West Side Story to shame in the 1958 Tony Awards. Maybe West Side was ahead of its time, and too jaded for pre-Vietnam America . But The Music Man had two things that West Side didn’t: a plot made from whole cloth, and an actor giving the performance of […]

The Music Man: (Nearly 76) Trombones Lead the Big Parade

AMERICAN FORK — The Music Man is an enduring American musical classic and has been a staple of both big and small theater companies since it first swept through Broadway in 1957, earning a Tony over West Side Story for Best Musical, along with Tony honors for Robert Preston and Barbara Cook. The faithful film […]