THE SECRET GARDEN blooms in Orem

Photo: Pete Widtfeldt,

OREM – I have been a fan of The Secret Garden since reading the book when I was younger.  I became a fan of the musical when I saw the touring company come to Salt Lake City years ago.  Since then I have been disappointed in community productions that failed to live up to that production.  […]

‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’

OREM – When you go to a play or a movie where there are only adults present in the audience, the simple humor or puns are often overlooked as each patron seems to be searching only for the wow factor. Attending If You Give A Mouse A Cookie at the SCERA Center for the Arts in […]

‘Jonah and the Great Fish’ floods the stage with great tunes and a lot of humor

OREM — The inspiration behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller or the dueling gangs of West Side Story just might have been a talented and energetic group of dancers from the ancient city of Ninevah. No, you didn’t miss that part of the well-known Bible story, it was just one of the many entertaining little additions Director Dennis Angle wove into his retelling of the story in Jonah and the Great Fish.

Who knew being a hillbilly could be so fun? Hale shows us how with their production of ‘April Ann’

OREM — April Ann is what the Hale Center Theater calls a “Vintage Hale Musical” – the production was written by Ruth and Nathan Hale, the founders of HCT, over 40 years ago. In light of the HCT’s 20th Anniversary Season, they decided to break out some old favorites to honor the Hales, April Ann being the first.

public urination is funny…but don’t tell FDR (UVU’s Urinetown)

OREM — Ok, So for those of you who know the schtick of Urinetown, bear with those who don’t; Urinetown is about a place where, in the face of a water shortage, the government has turned over to a large corporation the right to regulate water use, ban private bathrooms, and charge people to pee (and poop, which only gets one mention in the show, oddly…hmmm). And it is one of those broadly appealing, honestly funny, don’t-have-to-be-a-musical-lover-to-enjoy type musicals.