A royal whodunnit at Poison Ivy

WEST JORDAN — Though initially skeptical of the idea of a “murder mystery musical,” I found myself pleasantly surprised by Poison Ivy Mysteries’s production of Shadow of the King. My expectations were easily exceeded by this charming production, and while some elements could use a little bit of work, the experience, overall, was magical.

“Twilit” has potential, but needs work

WEST JORDAN — Every once in a while I attend a show that I just can’t get into even though much of the audience loves it.  Poison Ivy Mysteries latest production fell flat for me.  Even though all of the talent involved showed a lot of promise, a few key elements made for an evening […]

Hunt Mysteries presents A Cruise to Remember

SANDY — This was my second time attending a Hunt Mysteries show, and they are a 2-for-2 success in my book. Now, mind you, you have to go to a Hunt Mystery with the right mindset. You should probably never go to a play in the upstairs of Spaghetti Mama’s expecting classic theater. You’re not […]

Strong Performances Lift Club Mystique

SANDY — Poison Ivy Mysteries brings theater into a whole new realm of interactivity. As soon as we walked in the doorway of Club Mystique—a 1940’s-era joint on the wrong side of the law—we received gangster names and characters began engaging us:

‘Godfather of the Bride’ – a refreshing evening

SANDY — Everybody loves a good mystery, especially when they have a chance to get in on the action and help crack the case. Throw in some music, dancing and Italian food and you are good to go. Hunt Mysteries delivers it all with their latest show, “Godfather of the Bride.”

‘Death…The Final Frontier…May the Corpse Be With You’

MIDVALE — All I knew going into Death…The Final Frontier…May the Corpse Be With You was that it was a comedy and dinner would be served.  I ended up getting a lot more than a few laughs and a meal; I got to be part of an adventure.

‘Get a Clue: The $tocks Caper’ is well worth investigating

OGDEN — I’ve always been a little cautious of dinner theatre and didn’t know quite what to expect. Granted, I knew I wasn’t going to be snacking on a lamb shank while A Midsummer Night’s Dream played on a stage in front. What’s more is this promised to be a murder-mystery-musical dinner theatre performance. Simply put, I was more than pleasantly surprised by my night with Hunt Mysteries and I’m pretty sure you will be too.