NOISES OFF! packs huge laughs into a small space

PROVO — Noises Off! is one of my favorite scripts from one of my favorite genres. This classic show by Michael Frayn is a textbook example of farces in general, as well as a great example of the play-within-a-play structure. That’s right. This is a farce about a farce, the scale of which presents quite the […]

The SPITFIRE GRILL serves up some fine performances

PLEASANT GROVE — There’s a room in the basement of the Pleasant Grove library that’s been converted into a tiny theater.  There are maybe eight rows of seats, the ceiling is about ten feet high, and the stage is probably wide enough to stand seven people along its edge.  Kathryn and Howard Little have chosen the […]

‘Nunsense’ Scandalously Hilarious

PLEASANT GROVE — Bigger isn’t always better as the Pleasant Grove Players proved with their performance of Nunsense. Though part of a community theater, the show earned its place among the stars.