I’LL EAT YOU LAST serves up good dish

Camille Van Wagoner as Sue Mengers. Photo by Dav.d Photography.

SALT LAKE CITY — One person shows are not easy undertakings. A single performer has to be dynamic enough to capture the attention of an audience for sixty or more minutes with no other performer to assist them. Solo performances are the marathons of acting, at times a sheer act of perseverance and passion relying on […]

GRANT & TWAIN provides insight into America’s history

Kathryn Atwood and Marshall Bell.

SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake Acting Company’s world premiere of Grant & Twain, directed by Keven Myhre, is a dramatically charged look into the latter half of the nineteenth century, with a focus on two of America’s great men in history, Ulysses S. Grant and Mark Twain. Grant & Twain begins late in Ulysses […]

A classic comes to life in THE CAT IN THE HAT

Photo by dav.d photography.

SALT LAKE CITY — There is something incredible about the light in a child’s eyes as they really get into something just for them. I loved seeing this moment for my son at SLAC’s The Cat in the Hat, a theatre for young audiences show in which the classic book comes to life in a enjoyable […]

Conversation with Keven Myhre: SLAC, GOOD PEOPLE, and what makes a great modern play

Robert Scott Smith and Nell Gwynn in Good People. Photo by David Daniels of dav.d photography.

SALT LAKE CITY — As Salt Lake Acting Company opens up its newest play, Good People, I got the chance to talk with executive producer Keven Myhre about the process of choosing the play. I also asked about some of the other various aspects of SLAC that I have always wanted to know. Truthfully, I was […]

You may find yourself at SLAC’s GOOD PEOPLE

Robert Scott Smith and Nell Gwynn in Good People. Photo by David Daniels of dav.d photography.

Salt Lake City — It’s likely that you know someone successful.  They may be doing well financially, hold a position of great influence, or be admired by those around them.  They’ve “arrived,” you could say.  If you were to ask that person how they attained the life they have now, what would their answer be? […]

SLAC’s VENUS IN FUR dominates the stage

Show closes October 27, 2013.

SALT LAKE CITY — Venus in Fur is a play full of mysteries, as the viewer must try to discover the hidden desires of Thomas Novachek, a writer-director of a new play, and Vanda Jordan, an off-kilter actress who arrives late for her audition. The excitement in watching Venus in Fur is in not knowing […]

SATURDAY’S VOYUER 2013 is somewhat stale at 35

Photo by David Daniels of Dav.d photography.

SALT LAKE CITY — There is no denying that Salt Lake Acting Company has a winning formula with Saturday’s Voyeur. Not only has it become a season staple, but it has amassed an almost cult following that guarantees sold out houses and extended runs year after year. 2013 marks the 35th year of SLAC’s Voyeur, a […]

DEATH OF A SALESMAN is full of nuance and pathos

Show closes March 23, 2013.

SALT LAKE CITY — Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman is widely recognized as classic American drama, as evidenced by its laurels—among them the 1949 Pulitzer for Drama plus an armful of Tony awards for the original production and its Broadway revivals. In addition, its text is studied in English classes regularly as a significant […]

Can’t help but applaud HOW TO MAKE A ROPE SWING


SALT LAKE CITY — I find it a shame to applaud design if a production is lacking in the script/acting/direction. Thankfully, Salt Lake Acting Company delivers in all categories. I have no guilt in praising the design as what I love the most about SLAC’s production of How to Make a Rope Swing. The snow is […]

CLICK CLACK MOO is a gift for Utah’s holiday season

Click Clack Moo - Salt Lake Acting Company

SALT LAKE — I love the holidays. I adore the peaceful sight of Christmas lights and falling snow.  Wouldn’t Christmas be even better with farm animals, though?  This year, I get to add the delight of a cow singing about electric blankets to my yuletide experiences.  The joy and comfort is almost more that I […]