Plan-B Theatre breathes life into THE KREUTZER SONATA

SALT LAKE CITY — Within a dim spotlight, a violinist (Kathryn Eberle) and pianist (Jason Hardink) play Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata. The stage holds naught but the two musicians, their instruments, and a backdrop of three translucent screens. The musicians’ expressive style emanates from their posture, expressions, and the beautiful melody they weave together. Moments earlier, […]

Plan-B teaching kids thru RUFF! times

SALT LAKE CITY — Plan B Theatre Company will soon be touring elementary schools with their adorable new production Ruff, by Jennifer Nii. This play is a sweet and optimistic take on the sad circumstances of two shelter dogs. One dog has been abused, neglected, and abandoned over the years, and the other’s “Nana” has passed away. […]

You’d do well to see this perspective on faith in Plan-B’s PILOT PROGRAM

SALT LAKE CITY — The play is good. You should attend. Not a lot of tickets left. Pilot Program, a play about a modern Mormon couple called to participate in polygamy, plays at Plan-B Theatre Company through Sunday. You’d do well to see it. The script succeeds as the story of Abigail Houston (played by April Fossen), […]

Interview with Matthew Ivan Bennett

SALT LAKE CITY — Matthew Ivan Bennett is the resident playwright at Plan-B Theatre Company.  He’s adapted stories for Plan B’s Radio Hour, as well as writing several original plays including Block 8, Di Esperienza, and Mesa Verde.  His new play A/Version of Events opens at Plan-B on March 5. How would you describe A/Version of Events? BENNETT: […]

This MAMA is Complex and Real

SALT LAKE CITY — Plan-B Theatre Company’s production of MAMA directed by Jerry Rapier asks the question “How do you define a mother?” Of course there is no one correct answer to this question. The playwright Carleton Bluford is interested in exploring the complexities of motherhood. The stories that are told in MAMA range from […]

Doug Fabrizio on why RadioWest and RADIO HOUR are an annual dynamic duo

SALT LAKE CITY — Plan-B Theatre Company and KUER’s RadioWest are joining forces for the ninth time this season for Radio Hour Episode 9: Grimm, a unique performance experience for both live audience and listeners to the live broadcast. RadioWest host and commentator Doug Fabrizio is known for his the quality of his journalism and his thoughtful […]

Recap of our 1000th review celebration

OREM — This morning we published our 1000th review, putting finish to a week of celebrations of UTBA. Here are some highlights: On Monday, September 22 we had a panel on theatre criticism at Utah Valley University. Dr. John Newman moderated the panel, and the participants were Jerry Rapier (artistic director, Plan-B Theatre Company), Karen […]

The Art of Getting Seen: Artist Grant Fuhst on his work for Plan-B Theatre Company

What draws you to a book, a movie trailer, or even a product? Is it the title? Usually. Is it reviews and the description? That is what probably sells you in the end, but what captures your interest in a heartbeat is the image on the cover, the still frame, or the product packaging. Theatre […]

UTBA’s celebrating 1000 reviews! You’re invited!

OREM — After nearly five years of reviewing live theatre in Utah, UTBA is partnering with Utah Valley University to celebrate the 1000th UTBA review with two exciting events this month. Blood Wedding event After the opening performance of UVU’s Blood Wedding on September 25, UTBA will hold a reception to thank readers for their support […]

9 playwrights on The Lab at Plan-B Theatre Company

If ever there were a wall on which I’d want to be the fly, this is it. The Lab at Plan-B Theatre Company is an incubator for new work by Utah playwrights. Since 2008, these monthly meetings provide opportunities for the nine participating playwrights to receive support and guidance from their peers on their current and […]