The U’s HELLO, DOLLY! at Kingsbury Hall is a sign of good things to come

SALT LAKE CITY — The University of Utah’s production of Hello, Dolly! embodies both the ambition of its title character, Dolly Gallagher Levi, and a few of the unpolished edges of the object of her designs, the self-made Horace Vandergelder. Director and choreographer Denny Berry remarks in the director’s notes that Dolly, the Department of Theatre’s first […]

It only takes a moment to appreciate HELLO, DOLLY!

OREM — No matter what your need is, Dolly Levi can meet it. In the opening scene of Hello, Dolly!, she offers her services to reduce varicose veins, pierce ears, and (most importantly) meddle in people’s business. The loveable character, originally created by Carol Channing, can be seen again in Utah this month at the […]

A vibrant greeting to HELLO, DOLLY!

MAGNA — I’ve always laughed a little at the lyrics, “My heart is about to burst.  My head is about to pop!”  They’re expressing great excitement, obviously, but it creates an unpleasant mental image.  Head.  Popping.  Yeah, it’s intense.  Thankfully, I felt no such expanding pressure in my head as I watched Hello, Dolly! at […]

Farmington’s HELLO DOLLY is a sweet community treat

FARMINGTON — Farmington City’s production of Michael Stewart (book) and Jerry Herman’s (music and lyrics) Hello, Dolly! is a community production, which is both its strength and its weakness. Though overall fun and entertaining, and enhanced by the joy of witnessing young and old alike delve into their first experiences of theater, the show had […]

HELLO DOLLY doesn’t quite dazzle

MURRAY — Hello, Dolly!, a classic from the golden age of musicals, is a feel-good musical with plenty of wit and charm. Written by Jerry Herman and Michael Stewart in the 1960’s, Hello, Dolly! was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2002—six years before an adorable robot named Wall-E brought “Put on Your Sunday […]

Dolly Levi, You are a Damned Exasperating Woman

HERRIMAN — During Hello, Dolly! tonight there were moments of chills and laughter, moments of brilliance and comedy and moments that can only be experienced by attending live theater. As the show so adequately puts it: “It only takes a moment…”