Fans and newcomers should enjoy Hale Centre Theatre’s LES MISERABLES

Show closes April 19, 2014.

WEST VALLEY — I am sick of the musical Les Misérables. Having seen three other stage productions and the atrocious film adaptation, I have had enough of pathetic little Cosettes, recitatives, and corpses on the barricades. But even a jaded veteran of Les Mis must admit that the show is a great accomplishment in musical theatre. […]

Have a carefree night of entertainment at THE FOREIGNER

Brandon Green as Ellard Simms and Tanya Radebaugh as Betty Meeks in The Foreigner at Hale Centre Theatre.

WEST VALLEY CITY — There’s a difficult balance in the nature of comedy—striking the elevated levels of humor, while allowing the resonance of serious moments to properly take effect. I was wholly impressed by Hale Centre Theatre’s The Foreigner‘s ability to do just that. The tone struck by the play really is quite silly, and I’ll […]

UTBA reviewers sound off: EXCELLENCE IN 2013

A scene from the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s 2013 production of Peter and the Starcatcher. (Photo by Karl Hugh. Copyright Utah Shakespeare Festival 2013.)

It’s been another busy year for UTBA. In 2013 we reviewed 223 productions—our second-highest annual total. From Garden City to Ivins, our reviewers traveled the state to review plays in Utah. Below are our reviewers’ thoughts about some of the excellence they have seen in our state this year. Excellent Professional (Equity) Productions I really […]

BRIGADOON doesn’t live up to Lerner and Loewe’s legacy

Kyle Olsen and Lisa Zimmerman.

WEST VALLEY CITY — Brigadoon opens on Jeff and Tommy, two New Yorkers on a hunting trip in Scotland. After the two become lost in a thick fog, they stumble upon an idyllic Highland village replete with tartan and bagpipes. When the two ask to use a phone, they’re surprised to be answered only by blank […]

TARZAN is a soaring spectacle

Bradley Lever as Tarzan and Megan Lynn Heaps as Jane.

WEST VALLEY — Over 100 years ago, Edgar Rice Burroughs penned the original story Tarzan of the Apes.  While Disney’s 1999 animated film adaptation took liberties with the story’s details, the central conflict of man verses self remains.  Tarzan (Bradley Quinn Lever), a child orphaned in the jungle when a leopard (David K. Martin) killed his shipwrecked parents, […]

Hale Centre Theatre serves up classic comedy in NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS

Left to right: Bryan Hague, Brandon Green and Josh Richardson. Photo by DC Snaps.

WEST VALLEY CITY — No Time For Sergeants, based on the 1954 novel by Mark Hyman, has been enduringly popular, having been adapted into a teleplay, a comic book series, a television series, a film, and a Broadway play. The production underway at Hale Center Theater is a clear illustration of why this story remains a […]

THE 39 STEPS leads to an adventure in laughs

39 steps - West Valley Hale

WEST VALLEY CITY — Start with one arena stage, two straight backed chairs, three old fashioned steamer trunks, and four extremely versatile actors. Toss in a foley artist and a stage manager to crank up the visual and aural high-jinx, and it’s the perfect recipe for a riotous evening of theatre the likes of which is […]

Uneven OLIVER! rallies in second act

Show closes December 1, 2012.

WEST VALLEY CITY — It’s an unusual experience when to go into intermission thinking that you are going to write one review and leave the show ready to write another.  And yet, after viewing Hale Centre Theatre’s production of Oliver! (music, lyrics and book by Lionel Bart), that is exactly what happened. As I watched Act […]

Girl power is alive and feisty at 9 TO 5

Show closes September 29, 2012.

WEST VALLEY — There’s a great show playing at the Hale Centre Theatre this fall. The classic movie Nine to Five got a revamp in 2009 as a flashy Broadway musical with book by Patricia Resnick and songs by the country glam queen herself, Dolly Parton. 9 to 5: The Musical opens on Judy Bernly’s first […]

THE SOUND OF MUSIC in West Valley is one of my favorite things

Show closes August 4, 2012.

WEST VALLEY CITY — If you haven’t seen the iconic movie musical The Sound of Music, you might as well be hiding your head in some proverbial sand. To say the movie is a classic is a gross understatement—it is Julie Andrews at some of her best, and musical theater transformed to the movie screen […]