As always, a touching JOYFUL NOISE at the Covey

PROVO — The Covey Center for the Arts admirably presents this year’s annual holiday tradition of Tim Slover’s uplifting and insightful play, Joyful Noise. This play is a wonderful story of redemption, forgiveness, and is acutely meaningful as Utahns celebrate the Christmas holiday. Set in London in 1741, Joyful Noise tells the story of George Frideric Handel (played […]

JOYFUL NOISE lives up to its name

PROVO — “He was despised and rejected of men.” This verse of scripture from the book of Isaiah serves a lyric to one of the most famous solos of The Messiah. It is also the line that best describes the unseen central character of Joyful Noise: Jesus Christ. Although on the surface Joyful Noise is the story of George Frederick […]

The Grand’s OUR TOWN is a thought provoking American classic

SALT LAKE CITY — I had the privilege of attending the Grand Theatre’s production of Our Town on the 75th anniversary of its first performance on Jan 22, 1938, at the McCarter Theater in Princeton, New Jersey. This Pulitzer Prize winning drama by Thornton Wilder remains a classic in American theater and is frequently revived and […]

JOYFUL NOISE more pleasant and subdued than joyful

PROVO — The year is 1741, and George Frederic Handel is in a slump. His recent operas have received a mixed or negative response from the London public. And the volatile mixture of Handel’s wounded artistic vanity and heavy drinking have made his recent failings seem like less of a slump and more of a […]

DEATH OF A SALESMAN is full of nuance and pathos

SALT LAKE CITY — Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman is widely recognized as classic American drama, as evidenced by its laurels—among them the 1949 Pulitzer for Drama plus an armful of Tony awards for the original production and its Broadway revivals. In addition, its text is studied in English classes regularly as a significant […]

Hear THE VOICE OF THE PRAIRIE for yourself

SALT LAKE CITY — The Grand Theatre’s production of The Voice of the Prairie under the direction of John Caywood brings to the stage a complex plot featuring over a dozen characters and spanning thirty years performed by a cast of three on a stationary set.  The story begins in 1895 and ends in 1923, but the […]

THE LION IN WINTER explores medieval machinations

MIDVALE — I was always something of an odd child growing up.  I listened to big band music, old radio shows and loved watching the classics (and not so classics) of cinema shown on the Big Money Movie each afternoon.  That is where I first saw and fell in love with the film version of […]

WAIT UNTIL DARK suffers from blind spots

PROVO — Normally, I am not a fan of scary stories. The kind that make your heart beat fast and your palms sweat as you grip your seat (or the person closest to you) in terror. Usually, I do everything in my power to avoid these situations. For some odd reason, Wait Until Dark, that chilling, […]

Get sucked into Neil Simon’s CHAPTER TWO

SALT LAKE CITY — There is something to be said for an excellent playwright. His words entertain, captivate, and get us to tune in to our emotions. Add to that a group of talented, skilled actors, and what you get is a lovely evening at the theater. Neil Simon‘s play Chapter Two tells the story of […]

Director, actors breathe life into THE CRUCIBLE

SALT LAKE CITY — “I see what I see.” Arthur Miller‘s play The Crucible tells the story of what can happen when people are blinded by what they want to see, rather than what actually is.  The story begins in 1692 in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts—population 600.  Based on true events, the opening […]