BEAU JEST is just a great family comedy

Left to right: Larson Holyoak as Abe Goldman, Karen Baird as Miriam Goldman, Jenny Latimer as Sarah Goldman, and Blake Barlow as Bob Schroeder. Photo by Pete Widtfeldt,

OREM — One line of dialogue from the third act of James Sherman‘s Beau Jest perfectly summarizes the current production of the play at Hale Center Theater Orem: “You put on one hell of a performance.” Indeed, the superb acting and directing of the show combine to create one of the best non-musical productions ever at the Orem […]

JOYFUL NOISE more pleasant and subdued than joyful

Show closes December 21, 2013.

PROVO — The year is 1741, and George Frederic Handel is in a slump. His recent operas have received a mixed or negative response from the London public. And the volatile mixture of Handel’s wounded artistic vanity and heavy drinking have made his recent failings seem like less of a slump and more of a […]

WAIT UNTIL DARK suffers from blind spots

Aubrey Reynolds and Cameron Bench.

PROVO — Normally, I am not a fan of scary stories. The kind that make your heart beat fast and your palms sweat as you grip your seat (or the person closest to you) in terror. Usually, I do everything in my power to avoid these situations. For some odd reason, Wait Until Dark, that chilling, […]

For Grassroots Shakespeare’s HAMLET, the play’s the thing

Hamlet - Grassroots Shakespeare

PROVO — Last year I was scheduled to see a Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s play and it was raining. Because their shows are performed outside, I wimped out and decided not to attend. It turned out that the rain stopped, the show went on, and I missed out. Boy, did I ever miss out. Had I gone […]

Grassroots’s TWELFTH NIGHT is well worth your time

Twelfth Night - Grassroots Shakespeare

OREM — Now that summer is here, there are a number of shows that have begun cropping up in local parks and outdoor amphitheaters. One group that has made themselves a staple for outdoor theatre goers is the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. Their latest endeavor, Twelfth Night, is an extremely fun show in a great environment. The […]

LOVE’S LABOR’S LOST is a wonderful labor of love

Closes March 30, 2012

PROVO — Most of Shakespeare‘s comedies follow a formula: couples fall in love, love notes go astray, identities are mistaken, but in the end, they are all married and happy. Love’s Labor’s Lost is a bit of a departure from that. And at BYU, it is also a delightful departure. Traditionally, Love’s Labor’s Lost tells the […]

WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE sheds light on a sensitive topic

BYU - Women of Lockerby - Featured Image

PROVO — Seven years have passed since Pan American Flight 103 exploded 30,000 feet above Lockerbie, Scotland.  It may seem like a long time. But for the town of Lockerbie and the families of those lost, it may as well have been but a moment ago.  This premise for the story of The Women of […]

Covey Center brings high adventure in THE THREE MUSKETEERS


PROVO — Despite their strong grounding in French history and culture, Alexandre Dumas’s writing is beloved throughout the world. Stories like The Count of Monte Cristo and The Man in the Iron Mask have been read and reread by millions. But Dumas’s most famous tale is probably that of The Three Musketeers. Like many of […]

Utah Shakespeare in the Park’s “Romeo and Juliet” Is Uneven, But Entertaining

PROVO — Romeo and Juliet is the second of a summer-long double feature from Utah Shakespeare in the Park (the first was Much Ado About Nothing, in June). And, while Romeo and Juliet is an enjoyable evening of theater—how can an outdoor production of a Shakespeare classic be anything else?—it does have its problems.