THE PRODUCERS shines brightly in Ogden

The Producers - Ziegfeld Theater

OGDEN — There are times that a show comes along that you think can’t possibly live up to either memories of past productions or of a production that you have seen previously. You can’t imagine that they have the resources, the talent, or the space to really mount a quality production. But every once in a […]

I’d go INTO THE WOODS with The Ziegfeld any day

Into the Woods - Ziegfeld Theater

OGDEN — I’ve long felt like a poser in the theater world because (confession time) I’d never seen a Sondheim play. I know. Shameful. So it was with great anticipation I attended Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods at The Ziegfeld Theater. For those unfamiliar with its plot, Into the Woods is a collection of fairy tales […]

A lovely little LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA

Show closes February 15, 2014.

OGDEN — Before the start of the Ziegfeld theater’s Light in the Piazza, the artistic director came on stage and talked a little bit about their mission, which is to raise the bar of community theater quality.  While I can’t say that the bar has necessarily needed to be raised (Utah produces some excellent community theater), […]

To all a good night at The Zig’s ‘TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS

Twas the Night Before Christmas - Ziegfeld Theater

OGDEN — “We love Christmas Carol as much as the next theater, and if the next theater (and the next, and the next . . .) didn’t produce it every single year, we might give it a shot! We’re thrilled to bring something different . . .” That’s the beginning of the online advertisement for Ken […]

Ziegfeld Theater’s JOSEPH is fun for all

Joseph - Ziegfeld Theater

OGEDN — “Back by Popular Demand” reads the website advertisement for this production, and it is certainly true that Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a very popular musical in Utah.  Having reviewed a production of Joseph just last summer, and having seen and participated in countless productions of the show in the past, […]

Strong leads and good directing create a memorable SPAMALOT

Spamalot 4 - Ziegfeld Theater

OGDEN — The Ziegfeld Theatre shows what good community should look like with its latest production of Spamalot. Though working with a small budget to put on a huge production such as this, the Ziegfeld focused on the story telling and the quality of the acting and performances, which made this an impressive and enjoyable […]

STEEL MAGNOLIAS is an emotional rollercoaster worth riding

Left to right: Alyn Bone (Clairee), Carol Thomas (Ouiser), Krystal Day (Shelby), Kristin Parry (M'Lynn), Erica Chofell (Annelle), and Rachel Holdaway (Truvy).

OGDEN — I grew up watching the movie adaption of Robert Harding’s Steel Magnolias, so I was familiar with the play going into the Ziegfeld Theater’s production. But despite the fact that the movie’s portrayals are what immediately come to mind when I think of each character—Julie Roberts as Shelby, Dolly Parton as Truvy, Sally […]

Strong vocals keep WHITE CHRISTMAS merry and bright

White Christmas - Ziegfeld Theater

OGDEN — Tucked away amongst a strip of stores on Washington Blvd in South Ogden is a seemingly incongruous addition to the neighborhood.  The storefront is inviting, with bright lights and a welcoming ambiance, and a marquee that proudly proclaims that this is home of the newest member of the local theatre community, the Ziegfeld Theater.  […]

Is THE REVOLUTIONS OF OUR LIVES revolutionary for Hunt?


SANDY — I haven’t seen a Hunt Mysteries production for about a year and a half.  Based on my last experience, I was expecting an interactive show with mediocre talent to accompany my dinner.  Fun, but a bit laborious at times.  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with this show.  I’m thrilled to say that The […]