A matchless MUCH ADO ABOUT ZOMBIES at the Covey

PROVO – Directed by renowned Utah playwright Eric Samuelsen, Shakespeare’s classic comedy receives a dramatic retelling at the Covey Center for the Arts, just in time for Halloween. Much Ado About Zombies, based on Shakespeare’s famous Much Ado About Nothing, is a new play written by Provo’s own Becky Baker. This adaptation melds Shakespeare’s language […]

GALILEO is a feast for the senses

PROVO — In a dimly lit room above the Provo Castle Amphitheater, Galileo’s cast of ten stepped onto a raised, round stage, nine holding hands in a circle around Galileo, singing a melancholic melody, “In the year sixteen hundred and nine, science’s light began to shine… Galileo Galilei set out to prove the sun is […]

A rocky script topples THE STORY STONE

OREM — The ambiance before The Story Stone is quite soothing. Actors mill about the theatre-in-the-round space and musicians play a variety of instruments, while a few of the actors sing quietly. The soft lighting filters through the white cloth draped from the ceiling and sets the mood for a unique evening of theatre. The […]

UVU’s OTHELLO just might take your breath away

OREM — One of Shakespeare‘s most enduring plays is the tragedy Othello. Ever since its first recorded performance for King James I of England in 1604, Othello has been hugely popular; several performances are recorded in Shakespeare’s lifetime and after the English Civil War (during which the theaters were all closed by Oliver Cromwell and […]

Mortal Fools’ DRACULA is frightful and delightful

PROVO — Mortal Fools’ Dracula is a perfect theatrical treat for Halloween—it’s fun, creepy, and just the slightest bit campy, and there’s never a dull moment. The indoor kitchen of the Castle Theatre is a perfect venue for this show—it’s stony, slightly claustrophobic, and dimly lit. Walking up to the space, a silhouette stands in […]