DEATH OF A SALESMAN is full of nuance and pathos

Show closes March 23, 2013.

SALT LAKE CITY — Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman is widely recognized as classic American drama, as evidenced by its laurels—among them the 1949 Pulitzer for Drama plus an armful of Tony awards for the original production and its Broadway revivals. In addition, its text is studied in English classes regularly as a significant […]

THE CRUCIBLE still resonates today


OREM — The Crucible, as penned by Arthur Miller in 1953, is given apt resonance in UVU’s most recent production of this American work. Directed by D. Terry Petrie, I found myself drawn-in and compelled by the production, the various technical aspects working in harmony with the acting and script to provide a chilling and thought […]

ALL MY SONS shows that we’re all connected

All My Sons - University of Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — All My Sons was Arthur Miller’s first critically successful play, inspiration for which came from a story he found in a newspaper after World War II.  Miller stated that this was his last attempt to try to make it as a playwright, before he gave up and moved on to a new […]

Director, actors breathe life into THE CRUCIBLE

Crucible - The Grand Theatre

SALT LAKE CITY — “I see what I see.” Arthur Miller‘s play The Crucible tells the story of what can happen when people are blinded by what they want to see, rather than what actually is.  The story begins in 1692 in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts—population 600.  Based on true events, the opening […]



SALT LAKE CITY — Lyman Felt is a fellow who is quite proud of the fact that he lives his life to the fullest. He is robustly healthy in his middle age; he is wealthy and successful in his work; and he appreciates women. He appreciates them so much he has two wives. Now you […]

Well Worth the Price

HELPER— If you have never been to Helper Utah and never thought you might have a reason to go, I’m here to tell you that things have changed. Helper has been holding out on us.