Not even Hercules could save PROMETHEUS UNBOUND

Closes July 27, 2013.

PROVO — The Zion Theatre Company‘s production of Prometheus Unbound retells the story of the Greek mythological figure Prometheus. Prometheus is an intelligent Titan, credited with the creation of man from clay and known as a champion of mankind. He defies the gods by giving fire to humanity, an act that enabled their progress and civilization. As punishment […]

Fun and games with Utah Repertory Theater’s WHAT THE BELLHOP SAW

Benjamin James Harrison (Stan), Jason Sullivan (Roger), Jake Ben Suazo (Arlene), Jack Kyle Oram (Wally), Robbie X. Pierce (Babu), and James McKinney (Georgie).

MURRAY — Just a bit of silliness, really. That’s what the farcical play, What the Bellhop Saw (written by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore), has to offer. Nothing too outrageous or substantial, but definitely a pleasant diversion for an evening out. The titular character is a bellhop named Wally (Jack Kyle Oram), who arranges […]

SWALLOW THE SUN is a significant step down from C.S. Lewis

Ken Foody and Jana Lee Stubbs. Photo: Naoma Wilkinson.

PROVO — Swallow the Sun opens with C.S. Lewis and Paddy Moore on army cots discussing their mutual love of literature and Ireland. The audience meets a young C.S. Lewis, an atheist, who has yet to accept Christianity and establish himself as one of its staunchest literary defenders. Ken Foody’s C.S. Lewis is as arrogant and […]

Utah students shine at KCACTF Regional Festival


OGDEN — Last week, Weber State University hosted the 44th annual Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) Region VIII conference. KCACTF is the nation’s foremost theatre festival for college and university productions. Lasting from February 7 through 11, 2012, this year’s conference drew students, faculty, and artists from Utah, Arizona, central and southern California, southern […]


UVU - Elephant Graveyard - Featured Image

OREM — There’s something different about UVU’s latest show, Elephant’s Graveyard. Sure, the actors never talk to each other and there are elephants onstage (look closely), but I’m talking about the absolute fire emanating from each person involved as they fight to get their story told. Elephant’s Graveyard, written by George Brandt, is a unique […]