Author: Russell Warne

KNIGHT FOR A DAY premieres at Draper Historic

DRAPER — I love attending the premiere of a new script. Sure, it’s nice to go to a production of a classic script where you are pretty sure of what you’re going to see. But in my opinion, a new play is exciting because it holds so much promise and potential. So, I went to Draper Historic Theatre last Saturday night to see Knight for a Day, a new script written by Paul Gibbs and Patrick Gibbs. The Gibbses’ script is a 21st century fairy tale that takes place in a distant medieval past. Ariana (Rosalie Bertrand) and Philip...

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A WINTER’S TALE won’t leave you cold

CEDAR CITY — Shakespeare is well-known for his work in the three main genres that his plays fit into: histories, comedies, and tragedies. However, many of his later plays fall into the category of romances, with The Tempest being the best known play in this group. The romances have been a largely misunderstood genre for a variety of reasons. First, with the exception of The Tempest, none of these scripts (Pericles, Cymbeline, and The Winter’s Tale, though sometimes Two Noble Kinsmen is included in the group) are among the Bard’s most frequently produced and most beloved works. Second, the...

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After slow start, DIAL M FOR MURDER packs the suspense

CEDAR CITY — Last year, the Utah Shakespeare Festival produced The 39 Steps, a stage adaptation of a 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film. This year the Festival has decided to produce another classic of suspense, Dial M for Murder, which Hitchcock turned into a renown 1954 film staring Grace Kelly. Dial M for Murder is a play in which cuckolded husband Tony Wendice carefully plans the perfect murder with his wife Margot as the victim. He hires a small-time conman acquaintance named Captain Lesgate to execute the plan. The classic script, written by Frederick Knott, has three acts and two...

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A flipped MIDSUMMER at the U succeeds despite odd choices

SALT LAKE CITY — By far the most popular playwright whose work we review at UTBA is William Shakespeare. With this review, UTBA has now reviewed 20 productions of the works of William Shakespeare, and this is the sixth review that I have written of a Shakespeare production. I think that this is a sign of the appreciation that the audiences of Utah have for the works of the Bard. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is probably Shakespeare’s most popular comedy (This is the third production that UTBA has reviewed of the play this year.) and I’ve probably seen it...

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UVU’s OTHELLO just might take your breath away

OREM — One of Shakespeare‘s most enduring plays is the tragedy Othello. Ever since its first recorded performance for King James I of England in 1604, Othello has been hugely popular; several performances are recorded in Shakespeare’s lifetime and after the English Civil War (during which the theaters were all closed by Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan allies in power), Othello was one of the first revived plays and it has never diminished in popularity. Despite this, I had never seen a production of Othello, and I was eager to see the opening performance of this highly respected Shakespeare...

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