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Bring your imagination to go CLIMBING WITH TIGERS

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s not a good sign when I start crying during the introduction of a show. Yeah, that happened . . . because the story behind Climbing with Tigers melted the ice around my heart, and I hope it does the same for you. In fact, nothing I can write here will truly capture the invisible magic that happens on and around the stage of this show.  So, if you have kids take them to this show. If you don’t have kids, take yourself. Climbing with Tigers originates from the Red Fred Project, a project founded by Dallas Graham, with the mission of...

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THRILL ME fails to live up to its title

OGDEN — Good Company Theatre offers a bold and daring season, with shows such as The Vagina Monologues, Appropriate, and The Nether. Thrill Me, music and lyrics by Stephen Dolginoff, appears in keeping with these shows that explore American themes. Based on the infamous killing of Bobby Franks, Thrill Me follows Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb as they explore violence, and ultimately murder. While the historical account of this harrowing crime is intriguing in a psychological aspect, this thriller musical falls short in most areas. With drab and tired writing, subpar musical numbers, and aimless directing, the whole thing was...

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UTBA reviewers sound off: EXCELLENCE in 2015

At the end of every year at UTBA we collect our members’ thoughts on the excellent shows they have seen that year. And for the fifth year in a row, it is clear that the Utah theatre scene is vibrant, with entertainment options available for patrons of all types. Below are the shows that stick out in our reviewers minds as 2015 draws to a close. Excellent Professional (Equity) Productions Who would have thought that a farce written in the 1890’s would still be belly-aching funny 120 years later? The Utah Shakespeare Festival’s take on Charley’s Aunt was phenomenal all around:...

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SNOW WHITE is sheer delight

SALT LAKE CITY – Before the show began, I sat in a theatre full to the brim with children, all anxious for the show to begin. Excitement and joy filled the air. What would happen? How would this live production be different from Disney’s rendition of Snow White? I’m not going to lie; I was just as curious and affected by the atmosphere. The script (written by Joanne Parker) follows more accurately the plot of the Brothers Grimm, Grimm’s Fairy Tales.. The play opens with queen Rosalind (played by Nova Calverly-Chase), sitting on a bench, doing her needlework. Snow falls by...

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“It’s a new life” in SUNSET BABY

SALT LAKE CITY ­— Sunset Baby is strong. The writing is powerful and deeply beautiful. The acting is solid and surprising. The space is evocative; the soundtrack is revolutionary. This review only touches the surface; you should go and see this important work. Sunset Baby is stacked full of political and social concerns. Dominique Morisseau craftily delves into these issues from beginning to end through the story of Nina (played by Michaela Johansen) who we meet at a pivotal moment in her life. Just like the wig that she puts on and off throughout the play, Nina is trying...

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