Author: Maren Scriven

Quite a treasure in UCT’s TREASURE ISLAND

SOUTH SALT LAKE — The Utah Children’s Theatre is a great place to bring budding theatre aficionados to experience the excitement and thrill of the stage. I know this because I brought both of my daughters and my nephew along for the experience of watching their current production of Treasure Island. I decided that the best way to determine the production was of good quality would be to observe the reactions of their key audience, and also to maintain my status as cool mom and aunt. Treasure Island is a play based upon the novel of the same name by...

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Get moved by timely ECLIPSED

SALT LAKE CITY — Eclipsed is a 2016 play written by Danai Gurira detailing the experiences of several women who are imprisoned as the wives of a general officer of the LURD rebels in one of the civil wars in Liberia just before the peace agreement in 2003. The subject is one of brutal honesty and truth about the travesties of war that are placed upon women, and I commend the University of Utah and director Stephanie Weeks for having the willingness and courage to take on this production. The plot follows the wives taken on by an unseen officer,...

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A Funny FORUM at Weber State

OGDEN — As the first successful musical of the great Stephen Sondheim as lyricist and composer, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, with a book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart and based on the plays of Plautus, is a comedic look at ancient Rome and forbidden love. This production, directed and choreographed by the new head of the Weber State Drama Department, Cody Walker, was a nice way to spend an evening because of the new talent being trained in the Weber State program. One of my favorite things about college theatrical programs is knowing the student...

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The sun is out at the Ziegfeld Theater with ANNIE

OGDEN — The Broadway musical Annie has been a favorite of little girls all across the world since its debut in 1977. There have been many remakes, movies, and countless productions of this classic. Add to that list the current production happening at the Ziegfeld Theater in Ogden, directed by Trent Cox. The story (as told in Thomas Meehan‘s script) follows Annie, played by Elizabeth Kaschmitter, follows a little orphan girl, mistreated in the orphanage where she and the other girls are forced to work at the command of the evil Miss Hannigan, played masterfully by new Utah transplant Linda...

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“Hey good lookin’,” check out DOGFIGHT at the University of Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — One of the best pieces of advice I received about finding ways to discover new theatre is to follow good playwrights, because as you discover their work, you will be able to follow them as they make even more wonderful pieces of art and entertainment. The musical Dogfight, which is currently playing at the University of Utah Babcock Theatre, is an earlier work of composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who recently won Golden Globe awards for their music in La La Land, and whose new musical on Broadway, Dear Evan Hansen, is taking the current...

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