Author: Maren Scriven

CenterPoint creates THE BEST CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ever

CENTERVILLE — One of my favorite Christmas memories is watching an old television movie adaptation of Barbara Robinson‘s book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. When I learned that CenterPoint Legacy Theatre was producing a stage production, I jumped at the chance to review it. This production is directed by Wendy Inkley and shown on the Leishman black box stage. The classic story is about the awful Herdman family—a group of rude and rough kids that the entire villages hates—and the crazy things that happen when they decide to join the town Christmas pageant. The first thing I noticed is that...

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Christmas begins with SCROOGE

OGDEN — There are countless retellings of Charles Dickens‘s famous novel A Christmas Carol.  Whether through movies or theatrical experiences, most Americans are well acquainted with the account of a man who had his heart set in the greedy pursuit of money—rather than the building up of his fellow man—and the visits from haunting spirits of Christmas to help him see the true meaning of goodwill towards men. The Terrace Plaza Playhouse in Ogden has mounted a production of Scrooge for over a decade every December. As I spoke with fellow audience members, I learned that this is a tradition that...

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CORIOLANUS provides the chills (and a thoughtful evening)

PROVO — Coriolanus may be William Shakespeare‘s final tragedy.  The story, set in ancient Rome, centers around a city plagued with famine, a soldier who rises in politics, and the pride, politics, and relationships that lead to his eventual downfall.  The current production by the Grassroots Shakespeare Company is directed by Jessamyn Svensson, and stars a wonderful troupe of actors including Chase Grant as Coriolanus, Carlos Nobleza Posas as Aufidius, Elizabeth Golden as Volumnia, Steven Pond as Menenius, Erin Ellis as Cominius, Lucas Buchanan as Sicinius, and Toria Truax-Jones as Brutus. The Grassroots Shakespeare Company is a local touring company that...

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“Pursue the Truth” of a strong production of JEKYLL & HYDE

OGDEN — The classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, has been brought to life in many ways and many artistic media. In the 1990’s a musical adaptation entitled Jekyll and Hyde was developed with music by Frank Wildhorn, a book by Leslie Bricusse, and lyrics by Wildhorn, Bricusse, and Steve Cuden. The show retells the story of the experiments of a Dr. Henry Jekyll (played by Landon Horton) as he tries to discover away to chemically isolate the evil out of humanity. In doing so, he discovers the true evil...

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A TALE OF TWO CITIES pleases, but seems too familiar

CENTERVILLE — A Tale of Two Cities is a musical adaptation of the famous novel by Charles Dickens that tells of the life and challenges of several people living before and during the French Revolution. This adaptation has a book, music, and lyrics by Jill Santoriello, and the current CenterPoint Legacy Theatre production was directed by Scott Montgomery. The story centers around Dr. Mannette (played by David Weekes), who was captured and tortured for 17 years in France, his daughter Lucie (played by Sarah Jane Watts) and the two men that love her: the honorable French aristocrat  Charles Darnay (played...

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