Author: Logan Gifford

Magic to be had in Utah Shakespeare Festival’s MARY POPPINS

CEDAR CITY — From the moment I entered Randall L. Jones Theatre, the beautiful set transported me into the world of the show as the curtains lay open to reveal chimneys and lights and a changing background of stars and moonscapes. This wonderful set included several multi-functional changing pieces and complemented the scene work in the production very well. Mary Poppins tells the story of a nanny who is windswept into the Banks’ home, setting things right and teaching them to handle the winds of their own lives.  With music and lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, and book...

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BIG RIVER makes waves at Hale Centre Theatre

WEST VALLEY CITY — For anyone with a little adventure in their heart, and those willing to abandon hope for a plot, Big River is the perfect show. As Hale Center Theatre reminds the audience from their first moments in the hall, there is no plot. There is no meaning to the actions taking place, and there is no moral. There is only a story. The story that Mark Twain wrote about a young boy and a runaway slave on the Big River, and the adventures such a story can hold. Adventure is the main driver to the show, and William...

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Wait until CURTAINS has dropped the curtain

CENTERVILLE — Curtains is a fun show about a musical within a musical. The audience finds itself in the theatre watching the closing scene of the fictional play Robbin’ Hood in Boston, only to have the leading lady murdered before their eyes. The rest of the production ensues in hilarity while, along with the cast, Detective Frank Cioffi sets out to solve the intriguing murder of the “late, if not great” Jessica Cranshaw. CenterPoint Legacy Theatre in Centerville put together a production of this show that was, unfortunately, fairly underwhelming. The show itself has several large production numbers, a ballad or...

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LOGAN — Songs For a New World is a song cycle written by Jason Robert Brown that depicts a number of scenarios involving people facing crossroads or changing points in their lives, and the lessons to be learned from these events. Different from a regular musical, the songs performed aren’t connected by scene work or by a plot line, but only by thematic elements. Each song depicts different characters, always labeled as simply “Man” or “Woman” with a different story to tell. The USU Opera Theatre presented this song cycle in the Morgan Theatre on campus April 8 and 9....

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IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE is a wonderful night

OREM — The Frank Capra film It’s a Wonderful Life is an old classic that follows the story of George Bailey, a man of the people in his small town. George is a friend to all he meets, and the kind of everyday hero who often goes unsung. As the show opens and George is contemplating taking his own life after a business tragedy on Christmas Eve, he is visited by his very own guardian angel, Clarence, who shows him the course of his life again. Clarence does his best to convince George that suicide is not the best...

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