Author: Kat Webb

AS YOU LIKE IT? Almost… but still a funny show

MAGNA — As You Like It, by William Shakespeare, tells the story of political intrigue, founded by Duke Frederick’s ousting of his brother, Duke Senior. Senior’s daughter Rosalind is permitted to stay at court, a privilege of being best friend to the Frederick’s daughter Celia—however Rosalind is quickly banished when news of her affections for one Orlando becomes known. Rosalind and Celia flee to the forests of Arden, and in a move to protect themselves, don disguises. Rosalind dresses as a boy and takes on the name Ganymede, whereas Celia tones down her natural beauty and becomes Aliena. Happenstance brings...

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Egyptian Theatre’s EVITA falters technically, but features strong performances

PARK CITY — Evita, as presented by the Egyptian Theater, tells the story of former Argentinian first lady Eva Perón. From humble origins, to a B-film star, to her slow manipulation into the political realm, Evita crafts an intricate tale of this infamous woman’s life. Co-written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, the musical encompasses various aspects of both her coming of age and a rise to the notoriety of the world spotlight. Love her or hate her, the musical presents a biographic picture of her notorious life, complete with Latin flavor and elements of “romance” and politics. Those...

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Hale’s GUYS AND DOLLS is a showstopper

OREM — The age old battle of the sexes comes to a head in Guys and Dolls, a musical originally premiering in 1950 and finding new stage at Orem’s Hale Center Theater. The classic script by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows is about Nathan Detroit, who stands to make a reaping of cash if he can only find a spot for his illegal floating crap game, a task made difficult by the local strong-armed police force and fiancée Adelaide’s vehement protests that he cease and desist. Few locations exist to host the game, and the only viable lead—The Biltmore Garage,...

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A visually beautiful TARZAN in Orem

OREM — Adapted from the original Disney film, Tarzan: The Musical, brings Edgar Rice Burroughs’s classic coming-of-age story to the outdoor SCERA Shell Theater. In the story, a father and mother find themselves shipwrecked upon the shores of an island off the coast of Africa, and immediately set to constructing a treehouse for their infant son. All goes awry when a leopard attacks and kills the parents, an event mirrored in the local gorilla tribe when this same leopard kills the son of gorillas Kerchak and Kala. Kala finds the human baby and decides to rear it as her own,...

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8 has a thought provoking staged reading in Orem

OREM — In November of 2008, a majority of California voters said yes to Proposition 8, a legal redefinition of the state’s constitutional amendment declaring that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized.” This decision was met with uproar, same-sex couples and LGBT supporters statewide protesting the validity of such a proposal. The movement quickly spread across the country, proponents of same-sex marriage raising their voices in opposition to Proposition 8. Various court cases both sustained and overturned the resultant amendment of Prop 8, perhaps bringing to the forefront of media the social concerns raised...

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