Author: Kat Webb

A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG is a striking premiere

PROVO — I am always curious at the foundation of new theater companies: what niche they seek to fill in their locales and what stories they seek to tell. Most theatre companies are a result of an honest endeavor to bring something new to the masses. Happy Accidents Theater Company, a brand new troupe to the Utah Valley theatre scene, seeks to perform “honest stories presented in spaces that contribute to the performance and the overall experience of the audience.” And what a punch they packed with A Day in the Death of Joe Egg. The piece is an unconventional one, unusual for...

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YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU charms and delights

OREM — There’s something warming in rediscovering an old love, in remembering things once lost. I recall days spent in my youth, curled up with a mug of hot chocolate, and listening to old-time radio shows like Fathers Knows Best, complete with little advertisement jingles for Ovaltine, and family-centric melodrama. Voice actors with a caricatured charm acted out stories that lulled me off to sleep.  These were the quintessentially happy moments of my childhood; the carefree, comforting charm of listening to radio shows eclipsed many alternatives. From the first moment I entered the theater to see You Can’t Take It With You,...

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Orem Hale’s LES MIS brings new life to old story

OREM — Victor Hugo‘s episodic story of revolution, love, and redemption takes the stage once more in the Hale Center Theater’s production of Les Misérables. This well-known musical (with music by Claude-Michel Schönberg and lyrics by Alain Boubil, Jean-Marc Natel, and Herber Kretzmer)  chronicles the life of convicted criminal Jean Valjean’s life, as he journeys from the depths of his moral crucible into an upstanding life, reflecting his hard-won integrity and desire to return good unto the world. Though tenure and poor treatment in prison threatens to cripple the rest of his life, Valjean is able to overcome his...

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PINKALICIOUS and Lots of Pink

Utah County — Pinkalicious Pinkerton loves pink. So much so, that she’s entirely overjoyed when eating one too many pink cupcakes turns her head-to-toe pink. Despite parental warning to stay away from pink foods, the temptation to indulge is simply too great and Pinkalicious finds herself in quite the situation. Doctor Wink provides a solution, but at great cost to Pinkalicious: she must eat only green foods for the next week, and avoid any and all pink foods if she wants to recover from her severe case of pinkititis. However, Pinkalicious loves her pinkness, and breaks the rules, sneaking...

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Start your Christmas right with THE FIRST CHRISTMAS

OREM — Tradition abounds in the SCERA’s latest incarnation of Liken‘s The First Christmas. This is the production’s third year, and the show offers a lovely introduction into the forthcoming holidays. The story focuses on a familiar seasonal gathering. The Millers have traveled to spend time with their grandparents, though catastrophe strikes when the kids realize that Grandpa doesn’t have working wireless. Without the distraction of cell phones and wireless, children Tess and Connor Miller find themselves in dire trouble of being very bored. But Grandpa reminds them that sometimes, it is alright to “disconnect to reconnect.” Complaints turn into...

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