Author: Kat Webb

Actresses in GIDION’S KNOT are unceasingly powerful

SALT LAKE CITY — Gidion’s Knot by Johnna Adams is a script that I was previously unfamiliar with, and the synopsis found online hardly did the final performance justice. It is a complicated, nuanced play fraught with tense emotion and masterfully unveiling new levels of storytelling with every passing minute. I found myself absolutely unable to look away from the stage as the narrative unfolded. Gidion’s Knot begins on premise of a parent-teacher conference, albeit an extremely unusual one. The audience learns that previous to the scheduled conference, Corryn’s son committed suicide. Rather than to dismiss the conference, she shows up...

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Very dark HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL has its Utah debut

SALT LAKE CITY — True to the darker vibes of the original 1988 film, Heathers: The Musical remained just on the edge of funny and devastating. The plot follows the story of wannabe popular girl Veronica, as she uses her talents of forgery to finesse her way into the upper echelons of high school royalty. Once within their regal ranks, however, she quickly discovers The Heathers aren’t as glamorous as they seem to be. Power hungry Heather Chandler seems to control everyone at the high school and her bossy (and bitchy) personality puts her at odds with Veronica—especially when her old...

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RESOLVED loosens up, until the end

SALT LAKE CITY — The fun thing about the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival is the leaps taken in performance that would not be allowable in a more conventional setting. Resolved, produced by Company of Cohorts and directed by Trayven Call and Suni Gigliotti, is such a show because it disbands the notion of the 4th wall entirely and invites the audience into the living space of its main character, Roxy. A group of friends meet to throw a wild New Year’s Eve party, and the audience is allowed into the party. (I was given a “shot” and ushered into the...

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SALT LAKE CITY — Waiting for the World to End takes an interesting look at the nuclear apocalypse, as told through the lens of two rabbits. Twinkie (played by Jared Greathouse, who also wrote the script) and Sno-Ball (played by Tiffany A. Greathouse) seem an unusual pairing: one a test lab rabbit with salacious intent, and one a pedigreed, primped out priss. The two stumble upon each other and Twinkie immediately proposes that the two copulate and replenish the earth’s rabbit population. Sno-Ball, already engaged to another (presumably dead) rabbit, refuses, though indulges his company for a little longer. The...

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Strong cast buoys Grassroots’s ANTONY & CLEOPATRA

PROVO — Antony and Cleopatra, as penned by William Shakespeare, stands as one of his lesser-performed tragedies of star-crossed lovers. As Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra distracts one of the triumvirs of Rome, Antony, from his duties. The two bask in their love, a seemingly endless parade of drunken revelries. However, without Antony present, Rome’s political state begins to suffer, prompting resentment from his wife and the people. His wife dies, but Antony still returns to Rome to resume his stately duties. There, he and Octavius Caesar (another triumvir) decide that Antony marrying Caesar’s sister will fix their shaky alliance. Antony...

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